The highly anticipated Uncle Tetsu Shop from Fukuoka, Japan is finally here! Following their success in Malaysia (and after 8 outlets spread around the country), Jakarta is next! The grand opening of this famous cheesecake brand is going to be held this April 8th 2017 and I was very fortunate to be invited for an exclusive preview today and keep reading as they have special treat for everyone (but if you follow me on Instagram I think you should have known about it LOL!).

The brand can be considered iconic as it has been around for 30 years and has expanded the business internationally, and I don't know how to explain it, but I always get excited when big International brands choose to open in Indonesia, well I know I am not the owner and more like a guest but I almost feel humbled by it, particularly Japanese brands as I know they're going to do very good here because they are super duper detailed with all the training and they have this quality standard that has to be spot on and even though perfection is something that doesn't exist, the quality has to be very close to being perfect.

Their first Jakarta outlet is located in Central Park LG floor (align with Llaollao) and I bet it's going to be easily noticeable just from the scent of the store: lingering freshly baked cheesecake that smells like this beautifully burnt caramel, just sweet! As of current, they don't occupy seats in their outlet so customers will have to purchase and take away the cheesecake.

 Live open kitchen, not only you can smell the freshly baked cheesecakes you can also see how they make their precious cheesecakes!
Baked Cheesetarts and Hat Series coming soon!
So how about the cheesecake? My DM is flooded with questions about this and Pablo but what I can tell you is that both cheesecake is very different. Theirs was more to the fluffy, soft, pillowy, airy style where Pablo is more custardy, but the thing that's common about the two is the fact that their cheesecake don't taste very strong, and for someone who is not a crazy cheese fan, this is something I can take! Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake is more to the sweet and light with a hint of eggy flavor, and the texture was very soft and airy that it almost melt in your mouth.

Each one of their Signature Cheesecake will be sold for IDR 80k/each!
Signature Cheesecake - IDR 80k
 Made a boomerang of their jiggly cheesecake and posted it on my Instagram Stories
 Cheesecake packaging
Now here's the twist: SPECIAL ON THEIR GRAND OPENING DAY APRIL 8TH 2017, THEIR CHEESECAKE WILL BE SOLD FOR IDR 8K ONLY (yes 8 fucking thousand rupiah) and there will be 1200 cheesecakes available on that day, and here I am also answering the flooding DM questions regarding the purchase T&C, each person can only buy one so I suggest that you come in groups or so-called squad to be able to purchase more, so even though you're using Gojek service each can only buy one too! Store starts opening from 10 AM but the queue might start from 9 AM!

They actually start opening today so if you don't care about queuing and choose to pay IDR 80k for the sake of comfort, yes you can, right this very second.

...and yes aku juga senang sekali kamu hadir di Indonesia sekarang!
GOOD LUCK ON THE APRIL 8TH 2017! Tag me, DM me I'd love to hear your opinion about the cheesecakes!
Uncle Tetsu Indonesia
Central Park LG #15 (align with Llaollao)
Jl. Letjen. S. Parman
Jakarta Barat 11470
Dresscode: casual

Map for Central Park Mall

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