I don't know if this restaurant needs anymore introduction as it's probably one of the most famous in the bunch! Raa Cha is a restaurant that focuses in serving barbeque and suki cuisine and I remember vividly the moment when this restaurant opened, I was in my first year of my high school, strolling Pluit Village (which was Megamal Pluit) and Raa Cha was just opening, still a very fresh brand that time and it was almost a decade ago #timeflies, their first outlet was in Cihampelas Walk Bandung and a couple of weeks ago I visited their newest outlet in Harmoni XChange to have a quick lunch with my mom and so glad that they opened here as it's very close to our house!

If you've been following me I guess you guys should know that my mom doesn't eat beef, something with her religious belief and honestly at times it could be challenging to find a restaurant that either doesn't put beef as its highlight or she likes, good thing about Raa Cha is that they cater chicken and seafood condiments as alternative. If you're a first timer to Raa Cha, keep on reading.
Their Harmoni XChange outlet is properly spacious, not their most spacious outlet but big enough to cater around 100 guests, since they apply the do-it-yourself serving, you'll find a huge station where they keep the ingredients, condiments and value for money package set, and do not mistaken this for buffet as I totally understand the station is such a tease and tempting LOL. Price range for the food here starts from thousands of rupiahs to as expensive as IDR 35k (which is still pretty good), the meat is priced at around IDR 25k for beef and IDR 19k for chicken per tray and their vegetable value set starts around IDR 12k.
On the display you should find various types of mushrooms, eggs, vegetables like organic water spinach, sweet, spicy and salty BBQ chicken and beef, meatballs, tofu, tofu skin and many more!!!
Refreshing drinks to pair your meal here: Thai Tea, Green Thai Tea, Thai Iced Coffee, Iced Lemon Tea and mineral water.
HYGIENE comes first and appreciate their extra effort to wrap the plates with food wrapper.
...fresh looking beef
...this refreshing and sweet jasmine green tea drink!
...thai tea and green thai tea (IDR 17.273)
Ok back to their 'do-it-yourself' serving and since they're the Suki and BBQ specialist, there will be two personal (but meant to be shared) Suki pot and hot stone grill and you can really put everything you want in and on both, you can boil or grill the beef/chicken, no rules applied, be creative and be a little experimental! I love grilling the meat and mushroom together to get the ingredients and juice together, that savory-sweet goodness before I serve it on a warm rice! DROOLING!!!
If you fancy, you can have your Suki and grills with their refillable sauce that you can grab at their sauce station! There are five available: Raa Cha sauce, Soy, Garlic, Garlic Sauce and Chili. My favorite has got to be the Raa Cha sauce with this Goma/Sesame character that's nutty, sweet, salty and fragrant!
As for the Suki, you can opt for their Chicken or Tom Yum broth, the chicken broth was mild yet tasty while the Tom Yum was a little spicier, personally for me not exactly tom yum like but still tasty.
Excuse the super food spread we were pretty hungry that afternoon, but all gone in just 15 minutes LOL! Short to say my mom totally enjoyed the lunch that day! The Suki pot was beef-free so all the beef business went to the grill (all mine dayum)
Tip: pre-seasoned the mushroom and meat with the soy sauce before grilling them for the aroma, sizzle and of course: flavor, then serve it using your favorite sauce from the station (I love the mixture  of Raa Cha sauce and Chili)
Over a decade in the business, and I guess simple consistent food that's easy to love will never go out of style. Thank you Raa Cha for being here, being in the business and success for many more years ahead!

Raa Cha Suki & BBQ
Harmoni XChange
Jalan Hayam Wuruk VI RT. 06/02
Jakarta Pusat
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 120k
Dresscode: none


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