This post would be the third time that I am actually talking about Sushi Hiro, the main reason why each of my visit needs a good proper blog post is because they always have something new to offer: slightly difference ambiance, but mostly the new menus that are not only delicious but also Instagram Worthy! The F&B business in Jakarta can get very tricky and very extreme to the point where changing trends, opening and deceased outlets are almost monthly 'scene', that's why most restaurants (unless they're crazy good) needs to be creative, keep up with the qualities in order to survive, and Sushi Hiro is hands down, really one of the most successful ones in town, and frankly speaking, everytime I see the long queues in front of their restaurant, I can't help not to think about the amount of money they're making everyday (lol but I sometimes did).

Their Senopati outlet is located at Jalan Suryo, align with 3 Wise Monkeys and probably their best designed outlet so far, I really like the clean modern-minimalist vibe, especially how it looks from outside, almost like a futuristic triangle! Before getting in the restaurant you'll have to walk along this path that's almost giving me this zen vibe, and inside you'll find the hanging paper crafts that's now almost like their signature identity and overall a spacious restaurant that's decorated altogether simple with play of wood and details that's giving the guests (at least me) this Japanese vibe that I love. I have photos that I took at night and the ambiance of the restaurant is totally different: it's somehow grander, more romantic and just pleasing to the eye.
Might just get straight to the food because I have a lot to show you! 

I have uploaded some pictures on my Instagram and I notice that some of you actually told me that some of these new menus are not yet printed on the menu, but I can guarantee you that they're available to order, but indeed at the moment they only have these new menus at their Senopati outlet, but soon evenly at all, just show the pictures to the staff and they'll get them for you. Text me if they didn't and I'll sort it for you.

Crispy Ebi Mentaiyaki
It's hard not to love this as it consist of things that I love: seafood, mayo and cod roe together torched together for that smokey flavor and aroma, just what I expected: burst of flavor mainly from the mayo, just fresh and flavorful!
Shitake Bomb - IDR 40k
Juicy Shitake mushroom with spicy minced salmon and ponzu grated Daikon topping.
Kaisen Guratan - IDR 70k
Here's one for cheese lover! Assorted seafood cuts topped with mayo and various cheese. I expected more mayo for the kind of excitement that I had on the dish.
Of course when I dine at Sushi Hiro I can't just skip on what makes them famous: their sushi stairs and now they come with sushi tower, and of course they always have something new to put on the stairs and towers and honestly the unexpected: SMOKED DUCK SUSHI! Yes you read that right, they now have  sushi duck especially for duck lovers! Expect to find various smoked duck sushi that are topped with Mentai (IDR 25k)Blackpepper (IDR 25k), Cheese (IDR 25k), and even fusion like their Sushi Bomb with Uni and Hotate (IDR 135k). If you notice the Sushi Tower, the two from the top are the smoked duck sushi, I found them to be tender with a hint of smokey aroma and of course, simple hard-to-go-wrong toppings.

Sushi Tower & Sushi Stairs - pricing depends on the items ordered.
Sushi Tower
Smoked Duck Sushi with Cheese (IDR 25k)
It will take forever to talk about each sushi that I had for lunch that day, I came with three friends and four of us eventually raised the white flag as we couldn't finish all the food served that day! Some I didn't touch at all so I would highlight those that I tried and, hence I could recommend which one to order, but really everything looks crazy good and when it comes to creativity, I have to give them a round of applause, I didn't expect to see smoked duck sushi in a Japanese restaurant but they cleverly put various ingredients together and the result is always either impressive or spot on harmonious. No wonder why people constantly crave for their sushi, it's the flavor, the variety, the new stuff to offer and more!
Otoro with Uni (Tuna Belly with Sea Urchin) 

...and if you're into adventurous flavors and wanting something bold like burst of flavor, of course not to miss, their Sushi Bombs! What can I say? They're BOMB!
Atomic Bomb (Tuna, Chopped Salmon, Uni)
Three Musketer (Maguro, Kanpachi, Uni)
Three Kinds Gunkan Uni (Uni, Toro, Uzura)
Box of Heaven - IDR 480k
One of the most impressive looking new creations from Sushi Hiro has got to be the Box of Heaven, which consists of heavenly fresh premium ingredients like Salmon, Otoro, Ama Ebi, Aka Ebi, Maguro, Kanpachi, Tai, Kinmedai, Ikura and Uni! Indeed fresh, heavenly and for the price that you'll be paying they better be premium!
Otoro with Uni
Ultimate Truffle Tori Dry Ramen - IDR 60k
Beautifully truffle-butter seasoned dry ramen with onsen egg, generous seasoned minced chicken, spring onion, garlic chips! The ramen was thin, springy but with the right firmness (but I honestly would order the half cooked version when I revisit Sushi Hiro because I think it would be better). Ultimate tip: toss everything together but the flavor and the aroma! The truffle butter seasoning really enhances everything, as well as giving the savory and sweet that's just beautiful.
Creamy Clam Spaghetti - IDR 70k
The truffle tori dry ramen is beautiful, but I like this one better! Not overly creamy spaghetti that's so beautifully seasoned then topped with fresh clams and uni for extra salty flavor and creaminess.
Box Treasure (Beef Charcoal) - IDR 150k
Fancy presentation makes you expect more and that's the case with this, but right after the box is opened and all I see is well-marbled beef (I mean look at that freaking highlight) then I know I can count on this one! They'll prepare the personal charcoal grill and egg yolk on the side as dipping material. The default seasoning was already beautiful so all you really need to do is make sure you don't overcook the beef (15 seconds on each side should be amazing), I know it's totally up to you but with ingredient like this, cook it to a medium state.
Gyukatsu - IDR 120k
I'm a simple guy, you give me good Gyukatsu, I like! Beautifully breaded beef served medium rare and you can then cook it how you want it to be (but again I do recommend medium), I expected the thicker slices, well I can't help not comparing this to Gyukatsu Motomura.
Great at variety, great at consistency, and great and pleasing their customers with really whatever they're trying to introduce. No wonder why they're undoubtedly one of the most successful Japanese restaurants in town at the moment and more luck ahead!

Returned for dinner a couple of days ago and loving the night ambiance.

Sushi Hiro Senopati
Jalan Suryo No. 24
Kebayoran Baru, Senopati
Jakarta Selatan 12180
021 - 7280 0108
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: none


Map for Sushi Hiro Senopati

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