Sushi Hiro group just can't stop with the surprises, can they? Following successful ventures like Sushi Hiro, Sushi Go and Santhai, now they're adding Kanpai to the list, and I am pretty sure that they're going to be a hit soon! Kanpai is located just few shops away from Sushi Hiro, both align at Rukan Garden House and should be easily noticeable from the eye-catching exterior and neon lights beaming through the glass! I think the name itself already gave you hint on the concept of this restaurant, yes it's heavy on the Japanese vibe with Sumibiyaki, Izakaya Bar concept!

Billboards just like ones in Shinjuku and busy Tokyo neighborhood.
For a more casual dining experience, guests can choose to sit at the bar area, here you can notice before your eyes the yakitori cooking process!
As seen from the first header picture, they intentionally use the 'explicit' content as part of their design which I found quite appealing, brave and eye-catching LOL!
Drink menu in CD packaging, explicit content so drink alcohol wisely HAHA!
Freaky Thirsty - IDR 115k
Refreshing, rather bold with sweet faded aftertaste, it's made from Irish Whiskey base, with mango, lemon and Sprite. I personally was really fond of this one.
While waiting for the food to be prepared, I toured the restaurant and took some quick snaps of the second level interior. One thing for sure, they're paying a lot of attention (and money) to lift the design, it's gorgeous, pop, super eye-catching and Instagenic!

I found that food wise, most of the food that I had here was the modified version of Sushi Hiro food with some new additions from the starter, sushi, donburi, noodle, yakitori, teppanyaki and more! Price range for the food starts from IDR 35k-100k

Buta Bara Salad - IDR 48k
Vegetable salad with slices of buta bara (pork belly) that's paired with subtle tangy dressing, spot on fresh, nothing overdone, but the pork belly was beautifully seasoned.
Banzai Okonomiyaki - IDR 58k
Their Banzai Okonomiyaki was surprisingly good! I have never been the craziest fan of okonomiyaki in general but this one was good, generous with the filling, flavorful, saucy even though in terms of sizing, a tad smaller compared to the peers, but since this was meant as appetizer more than main course, it's okay!
Tebasaki Age - IDR 55k
Crunchy, with moderate sweet and tangy sauce, good but not the most addicting.
Takoyaki Croquette - IDR 55k
Even though I am the conventional Takoyaki guy and would gladly opt for that anytime, this was a unique approach to Takoyaki, the shell was crunchy, the topping and sauce could be more generous tho.

Beef Yuzu Truffle Donburi
Chicken Nanban - IDR 85k
OMFG I fuckin love their Chicken Nanban and if I'm not mistaken, I think this was my favorite menu  from the dinner that day, I don't know whether I am utterly cheap towards Chicken Nanban as I easily fell for this no matter where I ate this, my current favorite is still the one from Izakaya Issei (but the restaurant no longer exist *sad*), but this was certainly on the good list of mine thanks to the perfectly cooked saucy chicken (anyway their style is the less crunchy kind compared to the ones that I had elsewhere), the generous mayo sauce and the twist: PESTO SAUCE! Matchmade in a plate man!
Super Kanpai - IDR 50k
Deep fried Inari sushi topped with beef floss, mayo, tobiko with cheese filling, it was quite a delight on each bite, talk about play of flavors!
Crazylicious Buta Ramen - IDR 90k
This was one of the most highlighted menus here in Kanpai, it's similar to Sushi Hiro and Sushi Go's dry ramen, only this time they're using pork, which in a way, a better option to enhance the flavor, I got the defaultly spicy ramen, but still very tolerable as it wasn't overwhelming, the minced pork was seasoned nicely that when you mix everything together it almost locks all the elements and flavor together, the noodle itself was on the proper state of cooking, not too soft and soggy but not too firm either.
Negitoro Avocado Baguette - IDR 80k
Another top favorite of mine! This dish consist of raw fatty tuna with avocado and ikura and you're required to serve it with the thin cripsy baguette as the base (and additional texture), the tuna was so fresh, the ikura gave additional pop and hint of salty and it's beauitful how the mashed avocado act as a neutralizer for everything, talk about texture, talk about flavor, this was delightful!

Assorted Yakitori
Tebasaki - IDR 22k, Kiss My Bomb - IDR 22k, Sexy Beef Shioyaki - IDR 35k
My favorite from the five served was the Sexy Beef Shioyaki for the tenderness and fresh-tangy yuzu dressing and Kiss My Bomb!
Well based on my experience, I didn't have any negative thing to say, but I notice that food wise, even though it's a tad different, I still like Sushi Hiro's overall performance better, but if you're looking forward to have more casual Izakaya dining experience which is perfect for sharing, then you might want to consider Kanpai, not to mention they have more drink options here.

Rukan Garden House
Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk No. 25
Kamal Muara, Penjaringan
PIK - Jakarta Utara 14470
021 - 2257 2290
Opening hours: 11 AM-10:30 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: none


Map for KANPAI

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