Oejingo Bimbimbap

The korean wave is totally striking me and so does the culinary. I have lately been very obsessed with everything korean. Just so you know, I'm a VIP and Blackjacks and of course a YG STAN! hahaha. One of my most favorite korean food restaurants is totally Han Gang and Han Gang is probably one of the most famous on the list.

The menu that I'm posting now is obviously one of my most favorite: it is 'Oejingo Bibimbab'. This is the classic bibimbap with squid and garnished with a pretty 'hot' red sauce, it is just simply delicious. I always have at least one menu of korean dish this for my lunch in a week. I wanna give the credits for the squid, thanks for giving me a lot of squids because I love 'em and you will too if you're eating this dish. Han Gang is not stingy.

YUMYUM at last :9.
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Han Gang
Mall Taman Anggrek 4th fl.