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So I just came back from the media gathering of the newly opened MAM in Senayan City (outlet located near St. Marc) and I am writing this post as fast as I can because I have to rush for another event at 7 PM, I will be back pretty late and will have to rush to catch the upcoming flight and I am not planning to bring my laptop with me so yeah...

I am pretty sure that you guys are aware of who Dian Sastrowardoyo is because it will be hard for me to believe that you don't know her. She is by far to me one of the prettiest most beautiful Indonesian actress EVER and she happened to own this MAM restaurant along with four of her friends who previously (and still) gained terrific success from their healthy catering business: 3 Skinny Minnies, whose program I used to join around last year and did manage to make me lose 1 kg. What I love about their catering is that the food was very flavorful and besides running the healthy catering business, 3 Skinny Minnies is also pretty famous for their homemade secret sauce that they sell separately and you can purchase as extra ingredient to your home soulfood (do get the spicy one it's cray good). More details about 3 Skinny Minnies -> HERE.
So why MAM? For those of you who wonder MAM is actually inspired by two existing words and understandings, first MAM as the polite term for older woman and MAM as in Indonesian slang (aka bahasa gaul) for eat. MAM's concept is actually Fast Feel Good Food, the menu here is served with fast food system and serving but everything you're about to taste here will be healthy (less calories, less salt) and align with the roots of 3 Skinny Minnies.
 The founders of MAM Jakarta!
 The food highlight: Disastr Burger
At the moment the menus here was limited to burgers, sandwiches, rice bowl and snacks and I am hoping to see more coming, genre wise expect to find combo of Western and Asian inspired cuisine served in fast food style.

Details of the menus available here at the moment:
BURGERS: El Patron Burger (IDR 75k), Big Wave (IDR 86.5k), The Disastr Burger (IDR 116.5k)
SANDWICH: K-Pop Sandwich (IDR 96.5k), J-Pop Sandwich (IDR 76.5k)
RICE BOWLS: K-Pop Bowl (IDR 86.5k), J-Pop Bowl (IDR 72.5k)
SNACKS: Snapper Poppers (IDR 60k), Rainbow Chips (IDR 27.5k)
They also sell bottled juices, almond milk and healthy cookies here.

The Disastr Burger - IDR 116.5k
To be frank, I was a bit surprised that the burger cost more than IDR 100k, but then I found out that they actually use double wagyu beef patty here. I did expect a lot from this burger because I've heard so many good reviews from people.

...and even after that first bite: it was! The wheat bun was firm in appearance but soft in texture, and the winner has got to be the perfectly tender double wagyu beef and the overall seasoning, including the generous low fat cheese and generous caramelized onion! On each bite you'll experience this burst of flavor: mainly savory and sweet, along with this smokey aroma that's infused to be patty. To be completely honest it was probably among the best burgers I've had in town and the fact that I was suggested by this idea that the food here is healthy I enjoyed that even more.

Look at dem cheese!
K-Pop Sandwich (IDR 96.5k)
Tender beef cooked in their homemade Korean sauce, topped with pickled veges and fresh coriander. Maybe because I was hypnotized by how good the Disastr Burger was that this was a bit overshadowed by it, I also tried their K-Pop Bowl and it was pretty good with a hint of spicy to it from the Gokjujang sauce, but sorry I can't show you the picture because it was very blurry it's embarassing.

When you think about healthy food sometimes you can't help not thinking that it would taste a bit more bland or you know, healthy, but the food here is pretty brave and bold when it comes to the seasoning, they promised you fresh premium ingredients used here and based on my trial, I agree. In the future, I don't know, I kinda wish to see vegan creations from them, I think they can nail it.

Defo come back for more of that Disastr Burger, it's disastrly good.

Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19 LG fl.
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Senayan City

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