Hi guys quick info here! So my Path account is now verified and it's just cute to see this little yellow 'verified' sign beside my photo now lol, my verified path account is my public account which you guys can follow and mine is under my personal name "Hans Danial". Initially wanted to use "EATANDTREATS" as my username but I think I wanted this account to be a little different and a bit more personal than my Instagram account hence the my own name, and I am very glad for this verification as I have been a victim of 5 fake Path accounts made using my name and my photo, and I just recently quitted my personal Path soooo if you feel like being friends with me then I can assure you that the account is totally fake and you better unshare that muthafucka right away as soon as you read this.

Guess what? I won't be promising you anything about my Path account nor that I will feel pressured to update just like how I am with my other social media channels, I don't want to promise you things that I can't keep up, but as a friendly introduction to this current verification of my account, I am giving you all one free Photoshop curve of mine and this one's (again) from my Premium collection called "LILIANFELS" inspired from my awesome trip to Lilianfels, Sydney two years ago, and how to get this? ABC easy!

Just follow me on Path, and it's super easy. Go to the 'Search Friends' bar and tap on the "Can't find your friends?" then type my name "Hans Danial", I am the one with (currently) black and white profile picture and certified sign beside my photo, and the download link will be on the very first post you see, and PS because it's going to work for Photoshop then copy/save the link to be opened with your computer later.

All photos are edited using "Lilianfels" curve with adjusted opacity. Have fun editing around! Limited the downloads to the first 3000 downloads, last time 1500 downloads are finished in 1 hour. If by chance you want to share your edited pictures please DM me on Instagram as usual or email me thank you gorgeous-es!

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