Following the huge success of their previous (and very existing) outlet in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Sushi Hiro is now opening its new outlet in Kelapa Gading (precisely around Kelapa Gading Boulevard Raya) across Wisma Gading Permai and next to Mandiri Syariah.

Review of Sushi Hiro Pantai Indah Kapuk -> HERE
Sushi Hiro from outside, as you can see this outlet's way more spacious compared to their PIK outlet.
Interior! Still those self-cut paper craft ornaments decorating the ceiling and major wood application for those homey, earthy Japanese vibe
I am going to keep this review short and to the point, that's because the menus in this outlet are similar to their PIK outlet but range wise, wider and there are several menus that I haven't tried before so let's explore them together!

Do note that they adapt the same opening hour with their PIK outlet, so they only open for lunch and dinner (details at the end of this post).
Expect to find wise selections of Japanese cuisine such as Japanese appetizers, soup, salad, sushi (individual, rolls and stairs-moriawase), beef sushi, sashimi, gunkan (sushi wrapped in nori/seaweed), maki (small sushi in 6 pcs), noodle, donburi, chirasi (rice topped with various fresh raw and cooked toppings), temaki (sushi hand roll), agemono (fried), some Japanese ala-carte meals, grilled, skewers or set menus and desserts! If you want me to elaborate everything one by one then this post can be extremely long as I counted and there were probably over 200 menus to choose from and they all looked extremely good!!! Of course I wanted to try everything but unfortunately my stomach is not a bottomless pit so I couldn't. If you really want to explore the menus then I suggest you guys go here in groups as you then can share everything!

Price range for food here starts from IDR 20k-300k for food and as cheap as IDR 5k for drink
Overview of what I had for lunch that day and believe me this was all just for me and my sister.
Sushi Moriawase (Sushi Stairs)
Their Sushi Stairs has got to be the highlight of this restaurant as they were the first to introduce this style and concept, and I want to emphasize my review for the right one aka Hiro Salmon Sushi (IDR 90k) which consist of Salmon Sushi, Aburi Salmon, Aburi Salmon Cheese and Aburi Salmon Mentai, the salmon was fresh and that's something that should be the emphasize point, if the salmon itself is not fresh then how can you expect the rest of the dining experience to be good?

If you want your order to be served with their wooden stair, then minimum order of 4 and maximum of 8 is required.
Aburi Salmon Cheese
What I love about Sushi Hiro is the fact that they're willing to go out of the box and creatively mix few ingredients on a single sushi for the sake of uniqueness and burst of flavor, from the picture below you can see the kind of sushi that you don't normally see at most traditional Japanese restaurants and if you notice there are ones with Foie Gras and Beef or even Beef, Foie Gras, Uni and Fish a single serving or combos in between, because there are so many to choose all you gotta do when you dine here is to take your time and figure what you really want to order here, and for further reference do check out my review of their PIK outlet.

I personally would recommend their Hotate Uni (IDR 80k), Aburi Beef Onsen Egg Roll (IDR 40k) and Otoro Uni (IDR 138k), anything with uni = me sold.
Fantastic Four - IDR 150k/each
From their ala-carte menu is this Fantastic Four: sushi with Uni, Foie Gras, Beef and Scallop in a single bite, one of my personal favorite for its chewy-creamy texture and burst of flavor (do have this on a single mouthful).
Salmon Lava Chirasi
Japanese rice topped with crushed salmon, floss and Ikura. This was rather unique with various flavors in a single serving: you got the savory, salty and spicy from the seasoned salmon & Ikura and a hint of sweet from the floss. To be honest I think it was my first time experiencing this kind of food and never anywhere else before, and even though you might be thinking about muddled salmon (even though you don't have to), I think flavor wise this menu worked, but the thing with me I am more to the classic fantastic when it comes to having chirasi and like the good old fresh sashimi on the warm Japanese rice.
Kanpachi Uni Carpaccio
To my surprise, this was one of my most favorite menu that day and even though it's probably the most simple looking dish and the less colorful one. The fish and Uni were extremely fresh and since I love Uni so much I felt the combo was really delicious and of course... a match! The fish wasn't overly firm nor chewy and when you have it together, you'll get this creamy texture and additional salty flavor from the Uni that complimented the more neutral fish flavor! As for the mayo, I honestly could live without it.
Aburi Kagoshima Beef - IDR 65k
Thin slice of premium Kagoshima wagyu meant to be had on a single bite. Sharing this was a regret, the seasoning was simple but flavorful with a hint of sweet.
Salmon Rock and Roll - IDR 130k
This sushi was dominated with minced salmon as the main topping despite what they have inside the roll. I wouldn't say it's my favorite combo and I absolutely prefer the good ol' Salmon or Aburi Salmon style to this one, I just expected the flavor of the saucy minced salmon to be a little bolder and I found the texture of the salmon to be a little dry and gritty.
Gyu Garlic Fried Rice with Onsen Egg - IDR 120k
I am always down for rice dishes with beef and tamago, and additional truffle oil wouldn't hurt at all! The beef was tender and flavor wise had this delicate combo of natural beef savory flavor and a hint of sweet seasoning.
That was pretty much everything that I had in the new Sushi Hiro Kelapa Gading, of course I was totally satisfied and I am a regular customer at their PIK outlet (probably been over 10 times there and mostly brought my foreign friends to have dinner there) so reviewing this was pretty much like sharing more of my love towards this brand. I really don't give a shit about what most people say about Sushi Hiro about how "Indonesianized" their Japanese food is because I think despite all the behind the scenes and especially when it comes to business, it's either your customers like or don't like your food, you can't expect each of your customer to understand your idealism, and judging from how successful they are I think most people who dine here found their food to be delicious and I can predict a long lasting career, and I wish them all the best of luck!
Sushi Hiro Kelapa Gading
Jalan Boulevard Kelapa Gading KGC/A.01
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
021 - 2937 5196
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11 AM-2 PM
Dinner: 5:30 PM-9:30 PM
Sat, Sun and Public Holiday:
Lunch: 11 AM-2:30 PM
Dinner: 5:30 PM-9:30 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: none


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