A couple of weeks ago I went to Bali for a short escape with my sister, spent the whole time browsing the freshly opened SAMASTA by Summarecon group which aims to be the one stop entertainment destination in Bali, precisely in Jimbaran. By one stop entertainment destination I mean you can really find various dining, shopping, beauty, grocery and more. This concept then visualized as this stylish 'village' that's rapidly and constantly opening more and more tenants. Stick with me and keep on reading.

PS: will be heavy on photos but you're going to love it.

Stayed at the gorgeous Movenpick Resort and Spa that's located just next to Samasta. Won't be talking much about the hotel as I didn't really take a lot of shots, I came just for the leisure #qualitytime
Beautiful pool front view from my room!
I am not a big fan of summer but when it comes to Bali (and Indonesia in general), it's summer all the time, but I personally SERIOUSLY love visiting Bali during June-early September when Australia is having its Winter season and somehow the cool breeze's carried here. The sun was shining bright but the weather was really perfect: cool yet warm and overall very enjoyable.

Since Samasta is located in Jimbaran, it takes only 15 minutes (without the traffic) to reach here from Ngurah Rai International Airport and the easiest transport option would be using taxi (or if you have a driver that would be better), but to get around Samasta you barely need any transportation because this 'village' is so walkable and as you stroll around the area, you'll find various spots for your portraits/OOTD shots like I did with my sister here, even the walls is freaking photogenic here.

I will emphasize this post to review some of my favorite tenants here. I didn't try every single one of the tenants but roughly 70% are F&B tenants, and the other 30% for the shopping, beauty, game and supermarket tenants. For the complete details on the tenants that are here, you can check out their official website linked HERE.
It was around 4 PM when we arrived in Samasta and we spent the first day lazying around Samasta and check out the outlets to visit tomorrow, visited their large supermarket called 'SEREH' or ('lemongrass' in English) as well as taking a few OOTD shots for my sister here and there.
Fish n Co is located just above the supermarket.
Inside the supermarket you can find various options of fresh meat, vegetables, poultry, dairy and fruit products along with the stuff that you usually aim to see inside a supermarket such as bath amenities (soap, shampoo), boxed food, milk and I even notice a little vegan options here.
Vegetables so fresh they're so fly.
They even sell Balinese statues here.
House of Trap is located just across Sereh! Supermarket!
Aside from Sereh! Supermarket for grocery shopping, you can also go to some fashion and concept stores that are located around the Samasta complex, and also KRISNA which is most tourists' favorite destinations to shop for various gifts from Bali!

Do keep in mind that the ones that I am reviewing here are just some of the many that are available here in Samasta and you'll find more as you explore.

The Barrels is a Spanish restaurant brought by the same people who own and manage Javanegra and Atico in Jakarta (click here for the Atico review), and I was honestly pretty thrilled to know that they open here in Samasta because my visits to both Javanegra and Atico were never disappointing, and somehow I believe I wouldn't either and I was right! To cut things short, you're basically dining in Atico only with different name and facade, The Barrels it is and overall just as good. It was a pretty big brunch and the followings were the ones that I had there.
Tortilla De Patatas
Tortilla de Patatas aka Spanish Omelette is a well-known Spanish delicacy which is not the typical egg only omelette, this one has potato cuts dominating the serving and since I am an avid potato fan this one sure goes well with me! Fresh, lightly seasoned and such a good starter!
Il Calamaries
Another fresh appetizer that I would recommend you guys to order (only if you love seafood and calamari), it mainly consist of calamari slices, arugula, bell peppers all tossed together in this fresh olive oil and lime dressing. Frankly speaking when it comes to Javanegra, Atico and The Barrels, it really is all about the fresh ingredient and the authenticity of the homemade cooking. This one was fresh!
Lamb Shank
A must order for avid lamb fan because this one was perfectly cooked and freshly dressed with Chimicurri dressing. The meat was tender, juicy and most importantly fresh from all the lamb stink that could be annoying.
Spaghetti ala Vongole
Aglio olio style spaghetti with fresh clams. Overall light and comes in a serving that's properly fulfilling for one.
Fettucine with Parmigiano
An option for those who fancy creamier and cheesier type of pasta! The pasta's tossed directly in cheese wheel!
Cream Catalana
Another popular Spanish delicacy: Cream Catalana aka Spanish Custard, almost creme brulee like with solid burnt caramel topping!
Homemade Pistachio Gelato
This was pure BOMB! The homemade ice cream was definitely a sweet closure to the brunch, you got this creamy-dreamy ice cream with uber rich Pistachio flavor with sweet aftertaste.
Buns and Meat is a restaurant which specializes in serving burgers and pasta, prior opening here in Samasta they already have an outlet in Pantai Indah Kapuk but never I have been there before (but have heard good reviews about it). To be completely frank I think Buns and Meat was among my favorites here in Samasta for the simplicity of the food selections here AND of course, the flavor!

The Runny Mess - IDR 87k
One of their best selling burger menus here which consist of generous mouthwatering toppings like ground beef patty, cheese, soft boiled egg, bacon, veges and homemade sauce.
Spaghetti Grilled Chicken Balado - IDR 71.5k
Lately I've been loving fusion pastas especially those with local touch to it! This was very spicy yet salty yet delicious in the same time! If you can handle spicy treats then this one surely needs to be on your order list.
Nasi Babi Sambal Matah
MY MOST FAVORITE MENU HERE! I am not sure why but I get double excited to have Babi Sambal Matah dishes in Bali and this one comes as a surprise because it was seriously good, hot spicy and overall simple!
If you're craving for tasty local Balinese feast in Samasta then look no further than Base-Base which specializes in serving homemade Balinese food with a twist, expect to find various Balinese rice dishes like Nasi Campur Bali, Nasi Goreng Bali, Nasi Ayam Betutu and more. Surprisingly, their Balinese Pancake was quite a highlight for me, it was so simple yet sweet and flavorful. Green thin crepe with generous banana cuts filling, garnished with shredded coconut and Palm Sugar sauce.
Nasi Campur Bali
When in Bali, eat nasi campur Bali! Rice served with sate lilit, suckling pig, egg, tempe orek, urap and homemade sambal!
Nasi Goreng Bali
Fried rice with homemade sambal, pickles, greens, crackers and ayam suwir Bali on the side!
Bakso Base-Base (not in the menu yet)
They gave this for me to try out, it was off the menu (and maybe it's now on the menu, not sure). This meatball soup was special because the broth was extracted from the meatball & beef bone juice and without any addition of MSG! Somehow the broth was super tasty, savory and salty, and the meatballs were very meaty, tender yet bouncy just how I love it!
Ayam Bakar Bali
Balinese Pancake
The Balinese pancake that I talked about: green thin crepe style pancake with generous banana cuts and burnt sugar filling, garnished with shredded coconut and Palm Sugar sauce.
Warung Simpang Lima is a small food court filled with various local businesses (both start-ups and online) and it's sort of like this one-stop dining destinations where you can find various appetizers, heavy meals, desserts and beverages.

Open this link for pricing details from some of their tenants here.
Flatlay of the food that we had in Simpang Lima
Gado-Gado by SEREH! Supermarket
Sate Babi Bon-Bon (non-halal)
Otak-Otak (fish cake), Hipia Ikan, Baso Ikan (fishballs), Udang Goreng (fried shrimps), and Gohyong from Tanjung Pinang
Bakso Keju by Buka Baju
Bakmi MG Express
Fresh Fruits by SEREH! Supermarket
As an avid fan of caffeine I'm pretty glad that they occupy two coffee shops to fix my occasional caffeine intake: Tanamera and NOH! I remember back in October 2016 when I first visited the unfinished Samasta to check out what's available there at that moment and NOH! was probably one of the first tenants that opened. What's awesome about NOH! is that it's helmed by the same people who own Pison Coffee and Pison is one of my most favorite coffee shops in the entire Bali and their dark-roasted coffee is undoubtedly gorgeous, head to head with Revolver if I must say (and sometimes even better).

Another one to check out here has got to be Tanamera and I think the popularity of this coffee shop is quite something in Jakarta and in years they have expanded their business to cities outside Jakarta and from what I heard they're doing pretty well out there. For those who are not aware, recently Tanamera introduces Tanamera Cuisine and basically they now have in-house kitchen where they cater heavy meals to their customers to pair the coffee with. I personally have never experienced the Tanamera Cuisine in Ahmad Dahlan and this happens to be my first experience trying their food! I met Renata who happens to be the head barista here and she was very nice, attentive, has good product knowledge! Appreciate her hospitality throughout the hours chilling around Tanamera Samasta.
Hot Cappuccino - IDR 42k
Meals after meals after meals.
Nasi Goreng Hitam - IDR 65k
The black color of the fried rice came from the squid ink so you can guarantee the freshness of the coloring (and they're not using artificial coloring because that would seriously be disgusting), the fried rice was fragrant, well seasoned, simple and topped with what seem to always be the perfect pair for fried rice: runny sunny side up!
TC Sunny Green Crepes - IDR 65k
This came to my surprise as this was one of my favorite menus here, folded green crepe with tasty sateed fillings inside: veges, meat, onion and topped with runny sunny side up.
The Barrels - exterior
I don't know about you but when it comes to my holy grail pork ribs in Bali, my personal favorite, hands down is the still the one from Wahaha Ribs!

Wahaha Pork Ribs - IDR 160k
Thick chunky pork ribs marinated to perfection, grilled too beautifully that it's still juicy and tender! One of the most generous pork rib dressing that I've ever had. Saucy yet don't appear too much nor overpower the palate and the juicy pork ribs!
Crispy Ribs - IDR 48k
Crispy and juicy small pork ribs bites dressed with sweet and tangy WAHAHA signature sauce!
Bebek Goreng - IDR 88k
Classic crispy fried duck with rice, vegetable side and spicy homemade sambal!
While waiting for the sunset (and planned to spent it by chilling around the Above Eleven Rooftop Bar) my eyes were pampered by the special traditional dance performance and you guys can too if you happen to be around Samasta around 5 PM and 8 PM! No matter how often I see the act, I am ALWAYS fascinated by traditional Bali dance, there's just something so mysterious, sexy and appealing that I like, and it honestly takes special people to dance like that (and I believe the training is not abc easy)! the movement, the gaze and everything's just so precise!
After a full day eating at the restaurants, go to places to chill, have a coffee break and shop, here comes the rooftop bar that's so beautifully designed for you guys to enjoy the beautiful Bali sunset. From my personal experience, Jimbaran is honestly one of the best places in Bali to catch the sunset, I never seem to find a good one in Seminyak or Ubud. The sky was just this beautiful teal-orange combo that I barely need to filter it, the natural beauty is already such eye candy!

Above Eleven Rooftop Bar and Restaurant is pretty spacious and I believe could accomodate around 150-200 people! The best seats are definitely the outdoor ones facing the landscape and the open sky! Aside from their gorgeous cocktails you can also fulfil your hunger with selections of light bites and heavy meals! They have the chunkiest pork belly that you can share, it's THAT huge, juicy and tender.
Bird eye view of the 'village'
Ordered their Pisco Sour (front) which is this citrusy drink with egg white mix that's fresh and awakening.
Warung Simpang Lima front
Watched another traditional act that night after spending a few hours at Above Eleven Rooftop Bar, this time the Balinese Tari Topeng, my sister's not the biggest fan of the mask but I found it artsy to be honest!
My sister needed a nail rescue that night so we went to the Nails Story for a little manicure pamper!
The next day before catching our flight back to Jakarta, we went to Pat Bing Soo to have late lunch (and early dinner), Pat Bing Soo has gained quite a reputation in Jakarta, especially for being the affordable and tasty Korean restaurant. Together we shared their Budae Jjigae and Chicken Wings! The Budae Jjigae was actually larger than what we expected and totally worth it for the price that we paid for!
Might look like a small pot here but it's plenty!
The one-stop entertainment destination concept that they're aiming for seem to work just fine based on my experience visiting this 'village', it's beautifully set with various tenants along with the quality that each offers.

Suggestions for the future? Just keep on doing what they're doing right now and I am hoping to see more local Balinese food and fashion tenants here for variety, but honestly so far so good. Bali is always a good idea, so you might want to book your tickets and pay a visit here among the trip! Thank you guys for reading!
Samasta Lifestyle Village
Jalan Wanagiri, Jimbaran
Kuta Selatan, Bali, 80364
0361 - 4468 600
Opening hours: 10 AM-12 AM
Dresscode: none!


Map for Samasta Lifestyle Village

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