Disclaimer: if you're expecting a full blown review of their restaurant, this won't be one. I already ate prior coming here and initially just wanted to go check out the newly opened bar, grab some drinks, nibbles and leave.

So last night I went to Henshin at The Westin Jakarta simply because I love rooftop bars and for me, the higher that it is, the better it should be, and I've always loved Westin the brand and their properties have always been impressive and if you've stayed there before you should know about their "Heavenly Bed" and I literally didn't wanna wake up once I dozed off on the bed. Henshin's located at the 67th floor of the building (which is also the tallest building in Jakarta at the moment), we drove here and we were just following the signs and ask two securities there on the access to go to Henshin, there will be sort of like a hidden door that would lead you to this private elevator specially dedicated to reach the 67th level. So yup, just ask.

The color changing lighting glamming the ambiance.
When I first arrived here, the bar area was actually a bit smaller than the picture I had in mind, I prepared myself for something like Sirocco, but turned out not as big but that didn't change my perspective on the glam side, while the bar was overall a bit more humble, the restaurant on the other hand (and a level higher) was super glamorous. A single glance and you can guess that it's a high-end type of restaurant and here they serve Japanese Nikkei cuisine infused with Peruvian style, but I am so looking forward to have a dinner here with special people!
One of the most asked questions when I uploaded my visit to Henshin was about the minimum charge and dresscode: considering Henshin is a part of The Westin Jakarta and being a five-star property that it is, then I guess you should glam it up a bit (and I believe you'll be taking pictures here too if that makes sense) and based on my experience I don't think they apply (or have not applied) minimum charge. I literally came with one friend without any reservation and got seated right away.

It was totally dark and I took the photos of the food using the help of my phone's flashlight #protip

I barely knew what to order so I leave everything to the waiter's recommendations and he recommended us to try their special cocktails: The Last Ronin (citrusy with a Whiskey infused) and Sakura Maru (ladies' type of drink, light and sweet but without the actual Sakura in it), then paired them with light bites such as Nikkei Edamame (IDR 66k) which was spicy (from the grilled burnt Jalapeno) yet so fragrant, flavorful and addicting, surprisingly one of the nicest edamame dishes that I've had, as for the Sweet Potato Fries (IDR 66k) nothing special and overpriced. Spent IDR 520k nett for these four in case you wonder.
Tip, if you want to pamper your sight with the city lights then do sit on the bar side which overlooks the city scene but to be completely honest Jakarta is not Singapore, Shanghai or Hong Kong where the skyline's blinding, but for Jakarta standard, it's probably the best we have in town at the moment compared to the other rooftop bars like Cloud Lounge, SKYE or BART, and prolly because of how high it is, it was actually windy that night and at times I sit there looking at whatever I can see before my eyes and reminiscing my love for the city, when Jakarta is that quiet, it's actually quite beautiful, and aside from the continuous love-hate relationship I have with the city, it's always home, the memories will remain there.

Nikkei Edamame - IDR 66k // champ!!!
Sweet Potato Fries - IDR 66k
Toured the dining area and VIP area of the restaurant and along the way I keep on thinking 'fuck I am so having dinner here' and to top it all, a staycation here! At the moment the restaurant opens ONLY for dinner but opening soon for lunch! The tall glass window allows guest to enjoy the relatively beautiful view of Jakarta's skyline! Again, not HongKong fancy but still quite enjoyable tho!

My first visit was something to remember, more likely because of the company, hence the good time! Will definitely come back to check out what they have in store for dinner. Thank you for reading!
The Westin Hotel Jakarta
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C-22
Kuningan, Setiabudi
Jakarta Selatan 12940
021 - 2788 7788
Average spending for two: IDR 500k
Dresscode: sporty casual


Map for Harapan Djaya

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