This has got to be one of the MOST happening drinks at the very moment! Ever since I posted this on my Instagram I have been getting at least 40-50 tags every single day *brb making invoice for Kopi Soe* - they need to start cutting me A CHECK, lol just kidding!

Kopi Soe just opened their newest and probably the one with proper seating area in Muara Karang (precisely next to Delapan Gram cafe), the cafe's not the most spacious but inside there are a few tables for you to chill for a bit. My main purpose coming here is to check out & testify their highly raved Roegal for myself. In case you wonder, Roegal is basically fresh milk with rhum syrup and regal biscuits, so simple.
The interior is neat, simple and comfortable, nothing fancy and extraordinary, at the moment Kopi Soe focuses in serving coffee, but those who are for non-coffee drinkers, they also have selections like chocolate & matcha, and soya milk for non-dairy consumers! I opted for these followings on my visit Kopi Soe Goela Merah (18k), Es Coklat Rhum (25k), Roegal (23k), Yuzu SoeSoe(23k).
Kopi Susu Goela Merah (bottom right - IDR 18k), Es Coklat Rhum (bottom left - IDR 25k) if you like kopi susu/milk coffee that's stronger on coffee you might like this one, but if you ask me to name my ultimate favorite, nothing beats Tuku so far, I actually prefer their Kopi Susu Goela Merah with a hint of rhum for extra fragrance and this hint of flavor! If you want the stronger kick to your coffee they also have the 'Double Espresso' version! I have ZERO complaint and negative thing to say about their Es Coklat Rhum, it's absolutely delicious, sweet, doesn't taste like cheap ass chocolate drink, I think it's the best, easy & affordable chocolate drinks in town at the moment, a MUST TRY!

Anyway talk about the rhum, they claim that they use rhum syrup which is free from alcohol, but I can't guarantee that it's HALAL tho.
Roegal - IDR 23k
I honestly didn't expect much from this because if you ask me, I am not the biggest fan of Regal biscuits, well I mean I like it but not crazy about it! BUUUT somehow they manage to measure the right portion of each ingredient, hence this good satisfying drink! The rhum and milk blends so well that it's almost like drinking this pudding sauce (fla). I think a lot of people agree with my "judgement" about this drink and I enjoy watching your story tags, thank you so much!

I ask the staff there and they said 32 grams of Regal biscuits for each serving, I kinda ask for more (with extra charge)
Yuzu Soesoe - IDR 23k
I also enjoy their Yuzu drink because when you mix the Yuzu syrup and the milk, they blend into this beverage with beautiful sweetness, a hint of sour from the Yuzu, fragrant and absolutely fresh, the slightly more unique product that you don't see often at kopi susu vendor stall, but one that's absolutely worth trying!
Trend comes and goes, but somehow I believe this will remain, it's a simple satisfying thrist quenchers for the day, for times when you just want to slurp something when you're so busy with your chores. Wish them luck!

Kopi Soe
Jalan Pluit Karang Barat No. 15
Pluit, Jakarta Utara 14450
Opening hours: 8 AM-7 PM


Map for Kopi Soe

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