Cork and Screw: Choco Lava to Die For!

I am such a big fan of this food I'm going to be reviewing! Moments ago, I went to Plaza Indonesia to meet up with a friend and we decided to have a little chit chat with the company of something sweet, he recommended me this Cork and Screw's chocolate lava (as you can see above).

Choco Lava (or some call it chocolate lava, chocolate molten). Gosh, I mean, who doesn't love choco lava? Well some of you might not, but for at least once in your life, please give this dish a shot, who knows you can fall deeper than you think you could have ever been. The very soft layer of cake blends along with the warm chocolate "syrup" and let them melt in your mouth and burst out! Fantastic.

I love love love that Cork and Screw offers three selection of the chocolate lava cakes: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, regarding that not everyone like a certain type of chocolate. All three sit on a vanilla sauce. I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate so I think the milk chocolate somehow fits me the best, but three of these chocolate lava cakes are just awesome.

Cork and Screw Choco Lava Cakes
IDR 40k (before tax)

Holly Berry
After a huge hit of sweet treats, I need something sour and fresh to balance it up. I ordered this Holly Berry, it's a sparkling soda with strawberries, yogurt and one scoop of strawberry ice cream.
IDR 45k (before tax)

I would obviously be coming back to try more of these little devils, they're so good.

My journey is not over yet, still searching for the delicious choco lava cakes in Jakarta! If you have any recommendation, please tell me :).

Thanks for reading!

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