Dessert Time at Union Jakarta (Union Jakarta Cakes)

Two days ago, I was super craving for desserts and I remember this place, exactly straight to this place. I bet this place doesn't need anymore introduction and publication since this place is super famous and well known for its holy cake (going there in a moment), but if you're new in Jakarta and you want a place that serves great and delish cakes, this might be your guide :).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place, probably one of the best Interior I've ever seen among restaurants in Jakarta. The interior actually reminds me of BLD Puri Indah, it's very upclass New York-like urban and I love the fact that it's such in a more private and you're going to have a courtyard as your outside view, it just adds the atmosphere to be much more urbaned (remember urbaned is not a proper word, I'm just an expressive moron).

Union's Red Velvet Cake
IDR 50k (before tax)

This is the holy cake I talked about earlier.

It's not just a red velvet cake, it's Union's Red Velvet Cake. Hands down, for me this one is the best red velvet cake in Jakarta! What? Gonna throw me with rotten eggs? Please do, but before that, make sure you have this slice of Heaven. I bet one is not enough. For the price, I think this one is the most expensive red velvet I've ever had but it just worths the price! The portion is also big, you can also share this slice for two.

The cake is moist with a little touch of rhum, the caramel nut crumble is also delish and actually smells nice :). You know how I am not a very big fan of overpowering cheese flavor. The cream cheese is nice and definitely not overpowering (for my liking).

Pandan Cake
IDR 40k (before tax)
Surprisingly, I love this cake! I thought it's going to be an ordinary yet boring pandan cake but to be honest, this one is different! I love how the cake is so moist and smooth, and the pandan cream just melts in your mouth. The pandan taste is somehow not overpowering, everything is just positive for this cake. Gonna give it to this one for completely changing my first impression :).

By the way, the pink beverage behind is Strawberry Tea (IDR 25k - before tax)

Coffee Donut with Vanilla Ice Cream and Baileys
IDR 45k (before tax)
To be honest, I am already impressed by the simple presentation, but then I wonder the proper serving, so I just mix the whole thing and I think I did the right thing. First of all, let me just try all these one by one. Coffee donut is okay but not crazy fantastic, meanwhile the vanilla ice cream and the baileys are such a lover and match to one another. So here I go mixing them all which equals to GENIUS! When you mix them all (plus I add some nut crumbles from Union's Red Velvet cake) it's such a heavenly blast in your mouth.


As conclusion, I just feel like desserts really do make me happy, especially when I have a dessert with ice-cream, it just simply makes my heart smile even bigger. As in price, I think Union is somehow pricy but I just feel like it worths the price and the portion. And for the taste? Not to be missed. Somehow I feel like Union tortured me with their fabulous cakes. Anyway, this one is my third visit but my first time documenting and I personally am still satisfied by the desserts and also the venue, I always ask for the window side.

Leaving you guys with a photo of these beautiful fresh flowers. They're real.

Union Brasserie, Bakery and Bar Jakarta || FACEBOOK | TWITTER
Plaza Senayan Ground Fl. (Inside SOGO), Courtyard (from outside entrance)
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta
021 - 579 05861