Popbar Central Park: Not Your Typical Popsicles!

Great news for you!!! Popbar is finally in Jakarta and they have two outlets already!!! The nearest one to my home is the one located in Central Park, so it's easier for me to reach them and I'm going to give you guys the privelege of looking at their island of handmade sticks gelato, not literally an island, but everytime I look at those colorful popbars, I am always attracted to take pictures because they're so photogenic, colorful and dreamy. I bet kids are going to be in love with them.
They have tons of popbars to choose starting from the variants like chocolate and milk base, to the fruit base. I like the ones with the fruit base more because they're just tasted fresh and I love a little touch of sourness to the bars. Not that I don't like the milk and chocolate base, but it's just my personal liking.

I'd love to recommend you to try their uber delicious Pistachio bar, personally, I think it's the best. For the fruit base one, I'm going to go with the original strawberry and the peach, I just love the medium sweetness with a little touch of sourness. Totally the bars for your summer. Imagine having them on a hot day at the beach.

For the pricing, it starts from IDR 25k (for the most basic one, no topping) until 36k (after toppings and dippings), each topping/dipping will cost you additional 3k, frankly speaking, a little pricy, but to stop you from wondering, you need to try them for yourself.

Have I told you that they don't use any artifical coloring and completely natural?
Complete flavor list: papaya, coffee, mint, watermelon, pistachio, peach, giandula, lemon, coconut, banana, peanut butter, orange, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, guava, hazelnut & mxied-berries.

Central Park LG Fl. (behind Twelve Cupcakes)
Jl. Letjen S. Parman, 11470
Jakarta Barat

email: eatandtreatsindo@gmail.com