Open Door Jakarta

Just a few days ago, I came to attend bloggers luncheon with the newly opened Open Door, yes, another door has opened and to be fair, if you knew and had been to Midtown Owl before (now doors closed), then Open Door's marking its "welcome sign" on the exact same spot and location, with pretty much the same interior but this time, different brand.

Was greeted with this! Exclusive much!
I love sunflowers and I love the fact that they have these on the setting, feels like greeted with some cheerful spirit!

The interior of Open Door rang minimalist, clean, comfortable, simple and homey, it's just a pretty decent place to chill and relax or simply to have your own me time, the restaurant also provided a mini bar if you desire a more relaxed chilling while sipping some of their signature cocktails, also two alfresco (outdoor) dining areas if you prefer sitting closer to the earth (NOT), actually it's if you want to smoke freely without interrupting others.

Won't have enough of sunflowers!

Grapefruit Mojito
IDR 32k
Pretty refreshing but maybe a stronger hint of the grapefruit could be more unique.

Orange Cooler
IDR 28k
Might be very simple and easy to execute but surprisingly I was really fond of this one! It was fresh, fruity but frank, I didn't think they're using natural squeezed orange extract, more like orange flavored syrup.

Crispy Baby Calamari
IDR 40k
The calamari was deep fried and seasoned with spicy seasoning. They're doing a pretty good job with the temperature of the frying state and the seasoning was pretty good too.

Curry Dust Chicken Wings
IDR 39k
I have high hopes for this dish because I was curious about how well the chicken would blend with the curry flavor but unfortunately this one tasted more like deep fried chicken with curry powder all over it, and it didn't even taste like curry, the seasoning wasn't really blending and infused but I must admit that the chicken was depe fried perfectly tho!

Tom Yum Fried Rice
IDR 50k
I also had high expectation for this particular dish, first, it's Tom Yum, which is like one of my favorite all time dish as well as flavor! Second, it's freaking fried rice (not much to say), but I was kinda let down by the fact that the fried rice was way too plain, it didn't even close to taste like Tom Yum and the color should be a little more red to be honest (personal standard). In a way, this one was vegan material because I couldn't notice any meat given.

Grilled Spring Chicken
IDR 80k
To cut things short, my favorite dish served on the lunch! I love how tender and juicy the chicken was, the coating was smoky and everything was nicely executed! Must admit, they're very good in cooking the chicken dishes, the potato was also cooked nicely and the cream had this savory but in a sense, sweet, this simply was one of that dish you just want to try even though you might find this kind in many restaurants.

Let me put it this way, if the chicken fails, then everything else must fail even worse.

Kalbi Kimchi Burger
IDR 60k
This one was unique and it was my first time to experience having Kimchi Burger. As you know, Kimchi is traditional Korean fermented vegetable side dish, I thought this was going to be salty, sour and spicy but apparently I didn't have those expected, their version of Kimchi was not bad, it was actually more savory and guessing since it already had that juiciness from the beef, the Kimchi had this infused beef aroma and flavor. It's supposedly going to be fun experiencing how Kimchi and meat blended in a bun and in a bite.

Es Campur Pannacotta
IDR 32k
They're just very unique with their menus, not done with the Kimchi Burger, they also had "Es Campur Pannacotta" or Pannacotta with Indonesian ice dessert. Presentation wise, pretty, flavor wise... GOOD! I was pleased with how they managed to make the pannacotta to have this silky texture with milky creamy vanilla flavor (without overpowering everything), and I love the idea of putting palm sugar on the portion, for me, this wasn't overpowering sweet because each material balanced each other, it was just smart!

Tokyo Banana Dessert
IDR 42k
I have love and hate relationship with their Tokyo Banana Cake dessert. I love the presentation and the overall flavor, but I just wasn't a huge fan of their texture without the ice cream, I guess it was just tad dry and less moist comparing to the Tokyo Banana you usually have, well clearly doesn't have to be the exact same, but I guess that's the regulation of the common sponge cake. I personally am not a big Tokyo Banana fan, it's good but I didn't find it out of the world good, but yes it's addicting. I love the idea of giving vanilla flavored ice cream, made everything better. If only the sponge cake was moister, this could simply be stunning.
In a nutshell, I had a good lunch on Open Door, might not be all great but still ok. Open Door is simply a place for when you're looking for somewhere to hangout with pretty affordable prices, good food, nice ambiance but I guess if they want to make it big on the competition, they should be more unique and better on the food quality control, when it comes to the game, mainstream is not an option my dear.

...and again! Needs to end this post with another pic of sunflower LOL!
Open Door
Royal Mediterania Garden Residence Lobby
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28, Podomoro City
Jakarta Barat 11470
021 - 2942 7007 / 06
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM (daily)


Map for Open Door Jakarta. It's just beside Central Park Shopping Mall Jakarta, across if you're taking the side entrance. Very noticeable.
*this post is brought to you by Open Door