Festival Jajanan Bango 2014

Bet this particular event needs no more introduction, it's like one of the most famous and happening culinary events in Indonesia and has been around the scene for years since 2005. I came to their event last year in Gelora Bung Karno and it was super packed with people and of course...delicious treats!

Whenever I travel, I feel like I am good enough in showing how beautiful a country is and this post got me excited because this time I am showing you the beauty of my own beloved country, INDONESIA! Specifically on its culinary scene! Now this you have to emphasize.

Okay, to be completely honest, my family has been a consumer of Bango for a long long time, it's just that the branding and of course the quality stick with me and family, it's just the perfect soysauce to make "Semur" or "Nasi Goreng" (fried rice) or possibly everything!

This year, Festival Jajanan Bango 2014 was held in Parkir Timur Senayan and of course, this was an event worth coming and sweating for, just when the gate opened at 9AM sharp, people have been queueing the whole time just like the scene when you’re watching those fanatics with their favorite idols, only this time, at least they didn’t sleep over on the road. This year happened to be no exception, it was super duper crowded! Let’s put it this way, when will you have the chance to try a lot of delicious Indonesian food with friendly prices if not here? I barely spent A LOT! Everything was just delicious... cheap but definitely doesn’t cheesy.

Nuff yakking! PHOTOS!

Uh-maze-ment! Impressed by people's creativity to turn something that's supposed to be useless to a complete useful! Let's all go green!

...and they were honestly not bad.

My favorites must the "Sunlight" umbrella and "Kecap Bango" luggage.

I went to this event exactly few hours after I landed to Jakarta from London, was a long flight, and I happen to re-learn something, Jakarta was so freaking humid my man! I barely even sweat in the UK, but somehow I kinda miss the sun but after loads of people packing the whole area, I almost felt like I wanted to faint!

directory board

Main stage, this show was supported with live performances from local celebs and traditional acts!
There were around 65 booths ready to serve you the best of Indonesia’s authentic feast heritage from western to eastern part of Indonesia, well that’s actually their theme of this year and what’s the point of coming without actually trying? Such a waste.

From the western part of Indonesia, you’ll find famous names like: Mie Aceh Sabang, Sate Padang Ajo Ramon (like CRAZY GOOD fyi), Soto Padang Hayuda and Martabak Kubang Hayuda. From the central part of Indonesia, you’ll find Tengkleng Klewer Ibu Edi Solo, Sate Jamur Cak Oney Yogyakarta, Sate Klatak Mak Adi Yogyakarta, Nasi Pindang Pak Ndut Semarang, Oseng-Oseng Mercon Ibu Narti Yogyakarta, Mie Kocok Mas Edy Cirebon, Tahu Tek Telor Cek Kahar Surabaya, Lontong Balap Pak Gendut Surabaya, Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih Jakarta, Nasi Ulam Misjaya, Nasi Uduk Ayam Goreng Haji Saman Jakarta, Soto Tangkar Haji Achmad Mochtar Jakarta, Bubur Ase “Bang Lopi” Betawi, Bebek Kaleyo (SO GOOD, didn’t try it here but tried it straight at their outlet), Gudeg Asli Jogja & Ayam Goreng Kalasan Ibu Laminten (also another bomb!), and last but definitely not least, from the eastern part of Indonesia, you’ll find names like Sop Konro Depot Makassar, Ikan Parape Tradisional Nenek Moyang, Soto Taliwang Bersaudara, Ayam Bakar Taliwang Bersaudara, Ayam Bakar Bali Qui, and Dapur Mama Thia (owned by Indonesian celebrity Cynthia Lamusu). Okay, lots of choices causing me dilema, which ones did I happen to choose? Wanted to try everything but I have limited space of tummy!!! Here they were...

Tahu Tek Telor Cek Kahar Surabaya
IDR 20k
Why I chose this? Well simply because I am such a craze when it comes to Tahu Telor! (egg and soya beancurd). Something that’s actually very simple, kind of easy to do it at home and of course with cheap ingredients! History said that this particular brand already made its way to fame and fortune since 1960 and has been one of the most famous local brand for Tahu Telor in Surabaya. Presentation and flavor wise. LOVE IT! If you haven’t had Tahu Telor before, well technically inside you’ll find slices of rice cakes, soya beancurd, fried potato and all mixed together with egg and pan fried. SO GOOD! Everything was cooked perfectly, the eggs were crunchy without being over-burnt and the soya beancurds were so smooth, what makes everything better was the peanut sauce and the crunchy crackers (so bloody Indonesian).  This was a 20k worth spent!

Soto Kudus Pak Kauman
IDR 20k
Soto is one kind of Indonesian food served with soup (could be chicken or beef) and each area has their own way of presentation. This one happened to be one of my personal favorites, the broth was so fragrant and tasty! I just learned that apparently they served chicken’s liver with Soto Kudus, talk about knowledge being expanded! If you demand rice + soup, this could be a great choice because most Soto Kudus do have rice inside the soto... in a nutshell, another 20k worth spending!

For every purchase of food or desserts here, you'll get one coupon worth one pocket of Bango soysauce pouch size, kind of good deal actually, and for every five collected, you can redeem with one shot at photobooth with printed photo to take home. 

Nasi Campur Bali
IDR 20k
I was expecting more about this particular dish because I actually found this a little dry and plain, but one thing I did love that totally kicks off the whole thing was their Sambal Matah, seriously one of the yummiest Sambal Matah, if they could gave a little something-something to the overall flavor, this could be really good.

Risol Setan Tanah Abang
IDR 10k
As in for the snacks/appetizer, this one is certainly a must try! I LOVE THIS ONE, this one was again...very simple but the flavor was just oozing especially that light nut sauce dressed all over the Risol, as for the filling, you'll find minced chicken, potato and carrot. Best part? For only a freaking 10k you'll get three pieces, so risolable! (not even a word).

Es Duren Teh Iteung
IDR 12k
Usually anything with durian could be pretty expensive but this one for IDR 12k, I got two big chunks of Durian and I kinda like the soup, very light with durian flavor infused and guessing a little coconut milk. Recommended.
I really don't understand why some people don't like durian, probably just as confusing as why I don't like cheese.

The wafer was made from banana and you could have it as much as you want!

Es Teh Sari Wangi
Needs to description!

And some others...
Tahu Petis Yudhistira, wanted to try this but the long queue scene got me tired already, this was probably the one with the longest freaking queue, it’s amazing how people were so commited with soya beancurds LOL.

Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih Jakarta
I have eaten this before and this was pretty decent, the overall flavor was tasty and the mutton was given pretty generously, maybe I was just lucky.

I ordered around 5 courses plus one dessert and guess what? I only spent less than a freaking IDR 100k! Cheap as hell! Tummy's happy too!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's important that you read the following list of eatandtreats guide to Festival Jajanan Bango 2014!
- Dress for comfort
Trust me, there is NO point of showing up looking all dolled up, you'll probably ended up having melting flesh and fading makeup, because the venue was outdoor and totally humid, so dress for comfort and if you want to put on some make up then put a natural light one, this suggestion came from my sister who happened to visit the event on the same day.

- Bring an umbrella
Again for the same reason, HUMIDITY! If you bother about your fair skin then I guess you should bring one, bringing the umbrella is to also prevent you from the pouring rain, just in case.

- Prepare cash
Cash is THE ONLY payment method here so before heading to the event, make sure you have some cash with you.

- Bring your camera
This may not the must do, but it's never wrong to document potentially happy moments :D.

Well I hope that this event will be held each and every single year and I suggested that they created it for a few days instead of "one day event", just because I am a living witness of how people were so excited for this kind of event! Indonesian food may not be the most photogenic out there but flavor wise, I am pretty sure that they will lie on the “top notch”, if not... “the best” lists. It’s just that if people care so much about Indonesian food getting recognized and deserve a recognition, they do need a lot of support, especially from the Jakartan themselves.

It’s an everyday proof that western themed restaurants are dominating the scene right now, step your feet at PIK or Senopati or Panglima Polim of wherever that is the so-called hotspot right now, and you’ll see French restaurants, Western restaurants, Italian restaurants, dessert places, I wouldn’t lie saying that I don’t like them, I love them for some reasons, but also for some reasons, those Indonesian food deserve a worldwide recognition!

What I am doing right here might just be the tip of the iceberg (in a good way), but I am happy to put on this effort!

In case you miss the event in Jakarta and you happen to be in these cities, here's to another chance for you to join the crowd! *cheers*.
MAKASSAR // 24 May 2014 – Fort Rotterdam
MEDAN // 7 June 2014 – Lapangan Benteng

Thank you Kecap Bango for creating such event, that’s very... genius of you!

...and hereby, yours truly want to declare...

Check out their Website, Facebook Page and Twitter Page for more info!


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