The Immigrant Dining Room Plaza Indonesia

After shutting down for a while due to major renovation, the highly anticipated and new concept of Immigrant is now officially reopen for public! Same brand, same location (Plaza Indonesia 6th fl.), but different concept and ambiance and a little something-something to its name. Ladies and gents, it’s now The Immigrant Dining Room.

The good impact post renovation is that there is (finally) separation between the dining area and the club which was totally a big NO back then. I once visited Immigrant and was completely turned off by the fact that they didn’t separate both area, because nothing turns me off more than... not specifically smokers, but when smoke fly around my food or beverages, I don't like having my food contaminated by toxins OK.

The dining area might be less spacious but still, comfort remains up most essential! I pretty much love the overall ambiance of this particular dining area, during the day it reminds me of a little mixture of Liberte with a little Loewy and Balboni but during the day it rings Garcon to me. Since I came during the night, I enjoyed the ambiance offered, it’s a pretty decent place to have a casual fine dining dinner while listening to the lounge musics, if they could tone down the music to jazzy lounge themed then it could fit the ‘fine-dining’ concept, but I guess that’s not they’re trying to offer.

I personally think since they’re promoting the casual dining, and just in case you’re wondering, don’t worry, you don’t have to dress up and put tons of make up going here (unless you're going to club after), just wear something comfortable without looking too sloppy, sit back and enjoy your meal. Talking about the meal, guessing you’re wondering what I had for my dinner here right? ;). Before we get to the meals, let’s start with the beverages!

Iced Lychee Tea
A pretty refreshing beverage, a quick thirst healer but still, this is iced lychee tea.

Jack Rabbit
IDR 98k
I was fond of the fact that this beverage was not strong, it's actually more like a mocktail form with a little spark! It was mostly fruity with the more dominating sour flavor than the sweet flavor, but in a way that's the quality of this drink.

Frozen Green Apple Daquiri
IDR 98k
This one was one of my personal favorites because it was very refreshing, but I honestly would love it more if the sourness could be toned up to give a little kick and awakening sensation.

Apple Mojito
IDR 55k
This one was pretty refreshing, again, decent balance of sourness and sweetness from the apple and the lemon. The amount of apple juice given to this drink was on a proper amount, maybe it's even better if the juice was a little more intense than the lemon, too much apple is never wrong, and the mint leaves essence just made everything better without dominating the sparkling soda.

Mad Mango
IDR 55k
Now this one was another favorite, if not my pick of the night. First, I am such a mango craze, second, most drinks made with mango I am a sucker for! This one, no exception! I love how they could make the balance of the sweetness from the sugar not to overpower the natural sweetness from the mango, it's still fruity, a little hint of sour but overall very refreshing. This you got to try.

Smoked Tomato Soup
IDR 45k
For the appetizer, soup would be good to start everything lightly, I didn't have any food that day! How could I completely forgot to eat it's totally not tolerable. I had a great time digging the soup because it was nicely executed in every way, I love how the tomato soup was fresh as in flavor (none of that smelly rotten tomatoes), seasoned lightly even though I was expecting this to be a little sour, and I love how I could experience a little hint of basil infused. A good way to start the dinner.

The garlic bread was very lovely with crunchy texture and the butter just made everything better! MORE BUTTER BETTER!

Potato Skin Served with Chili Sauce
IDR 45k
The potato skin was clearly the bomb, if I have to mention the perfect bar food then this is definitely on the top of my choice right now, I am even drooling over the screen as I am typing this! 2 AM and hungry as hell! The potato skin was deep fried nicely and I would say they were almost oil-free, the seasoning was light with additional chili powder. Even though the portion technically served with sour cream and Thailand chili sauce, but I think I prefer having it just how it is, good enough without the cream.

Grilled Italian Veal Sausage with Rucola and Shallot Dressing
IDR 225k (400gr)
For a 400gr, this portion was pretty generous for one person, I think you need to share this with one of your friend, even two if you order something else. The veal sausage was lovely cooked, even though I found the texture to be a little hard but since it's a cold cut so it kinda made sense (still hoping the sausage to be a little softer tho), the seasoning was very good and I realize I have been emphasizing a lot about the seasoning, the salt nicely absorbed to the sausage resulting that juiciness when you chew it. I gotta gave the plus point for making the Rucola (Arugula) as the salad, I freaking love Arugula, I think it's best served with Balsamic Vineigrette dressing. LOVELY!

The kind staff recommended me to spread the lemon juice all over the meat and salad for a better eating experience. He was kinda right, the sourness live up the flavor. Oh, did I mention that they only serve four portions of this veal sausage every single day? So you better pace with the luck.

Iga Bakar Bumbu Bali
IDR 190k / 500gr
Again for a 500gr, this portion is shareable! Two freaking big chunks of ribs marinated in Balinese traditional ingredients and guess what, the seasoning and the ingredients were just... perfect! The meat was grilled but still leaving the meat to be extremely tender! The portion was served with the vegetable soup but I didn't find the soup to be anything special, but another thing I sure love was the rice! Let's face it, most Indonesians would die to have rice on their menu (aren't you) and when the rice met the rib ingredients, it was simply a burst of flavor plus joy! I simply love the fact that the consistency of the rice was soft and a little gooey.

Valrhona Dark Chocolate Fondant
IDR 65k
When it comes to dark chocolate fondant, I feel like it's a little too mainstream, almost like me didn't want to try it because eventually, you'll know how the flavor turned out, but this one... oozing to the taste bud! Not many that I could find a dark chocolate fondant that actually had this 'cake' texture, spongy but still leaving the uncooked part as the 'lava'. Having this altogether and I can guarantee that melt in your mouth sensation (well at least I experienced it or I was lucky). For some, might be that mainstream dessert menu, but for me, there's a little something special about this that stood out, or maybe it's freaking Valrhona for goodness sake!

Apparently the major make over is not officially finished, because the renovation in certain area is still running and rumor has it that they’re redesigning the club and bar, bet y'all couldn't wait for the new face!

In a nutshell, the dining session was really good, food was great and the fact that I went here with my fellow food blogger friends even made it better. The sheer joy while eating did live up the overall ambiance. This is surely the 'new place' you don't want to miss, and they're currently having this HAPPY HOUR promotion from 4-10PM daily!

PS: still drooling over that rib, sausage, chips, err... pretty much everything!

The Immigrant Dining Room
Plaza Indonesia 6th fl. (Next to Plaza Indonesia XXI)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
021 - 2992 4125 / 0812 9930 0099
Opening Hours: 11 AM - late (daily)
Dresscode: neat casual

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  1. So just curious did Immigrant invite you to blog for them? That's pretty cool... :)

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