Ichi Ocha Green Tea by Indofood

It’s the time of the year that Jakarta's weather is not friendly, occasional weather transition affects me in such a negative way, I am currently suffering from a bad flu and occasionally having headache. This is not tolerable for an active person like me since my activity is mostly mobile, sometimes I have to be in like... four places a day and I have to face the extreme weather without any shield.. hashtag help me I’m weak!

And during this time, I also need protection from the enemy, this refers to the weather, it’s like lately the weather has become the contender and the battlefield, and I need a perfect friend for a tag-team. I’m talking about something that’s edible (of-freaking-course), refreshing, tasty and most importantly... healthy! 

So what's the perfect Healthy Indulgence treats? Hmm...

So the other day I was walking in a mini-market and found this product I have never seen before, along with the curiosity and since it’s freaking green tea!!! (which I am such a sucker for). I decided to purchase this particular beverage!

Now I have my current favorite green tea beverage/healthy indulgence!

Presenting you...

ICHI OCHA GREEN TEA from Indofood!

Decided to purchase not only one, but THREE!

One sip and it was... DIFFERENT in a good way! Talk about uniqueness.

I knew something was different, it’s like you could feel the strong extract of the green tea but with overall balanced sweetness, plus I love the honey-ish flavor to the tea, it’s adding the natural touch to the product. I don’t like it when I have my green tea with a lot of sugar because I feel like drinking sugar water with tea extract while what supposed to be the opposite, but this one was executed really well!

One thing you must know about Ichi Ocha is that the tea is processed with ONE TIME BREWING PROCESS! *confetti*

Now I can release my worries, at least I know I wasn't drinking left-outs!

The tea leaves that they're using is the Ichiban leaves with natural intense scent and aroma. Now I know why it smells a little bit like jasmine flowers and tasted like honey-infused.
Took a sip of the middle one because I couldn't stand the aroma! So freaking good!

The thing with one time brewing process is that you get the best quality out of the tea extract! Let's picture this, if let's say you have your afternoon tea somewhere and when you realize that your tea's emptying and you ask for the hot water refill, the second one must not tasted as nice as the first one right? BAM! Piece of cake!

Or let's say the first cut is the deepest #oh.

Do you know why I've been raving so much about green tea in my posts? It’s because not only that green tea tastes freaking good (at least for me), it’s also healthy. Guess what? I have even done a lot of researches about the advantage of green tea to our system. It’s no secret that green tea is extremely rich in anti-oxidant polyphenols, but do you guys know WHY? It’s because green tea leaves are the least-processed feature and they’re NOT fermented like most black teas, instead of that, the just-harvested leaves were steamed. Damn I feel smart right now.

Anyway, not to mention, Green tea also contains various bio-active compounds to keep us healthy (also lower the risk of Cancer), improve the function of the brain and what probably most important for most humans: INCREASE THE FAT BURNING! I know, I know, you’re welcome, you must be all excited knowing that green tea increases fat burning. So if you really read, see how important the role of green tea in our lifes? All hail the holy green tea.

So what’s really special about Ichi Ocha green tea comparing to the common brands?

First and probably the most essential is the flavor and the quality it brought, I am talking about the health quality here. This might look like an ordinary green tea drink sold in the supermarket stalls but I found this to be in between light and strong. The consistency is light but the flavor is pretty strong but overall not overpowering. It has this green tea and jasmine fragrance to it which risen up the taste bud and also the honey-ish flavor. In a nutshell, something you drink but doesn’t intimidate you like a killer.

The tea is really clear and mild, talk about purity based on the one time brewing process!

I am truly rooting for the healthy lifestyle, I am completely aware that my food blogging activity automatically means I have to deal with different types of food everyday which contains various form of compound, but thank goodness I am currently managing to really look after whatever that I eat each and everyday plus I consume a lot of organic green vegetables and also consuming tea and honey products, the tea must be in the form of fresh leaves or else get the hell out! Major NO to the bloody cheapskates!

From all those amazing things I found from Ichi Ocha, I guess this is a one hell-o-va awesome product: Tasty? Check! Freshness? Check, Healthy? Double freaking check! Healthy doesn't always mean yucky right?

Now you can bring a little piece of Japanese at home or... on the go! :).

Ichi Ocha Green Tea is available in two sizes and affordable prices: 500 ml for IDR 5k and 350 ml for IDR 3.9k BUT WAIT! Since it's on the promotion days get the SPECIAL PRICE! 500 ml for IDR 3.9k and 350 ml for IDR 2,9k.

This post is brought to you by Ichi Ocha Indofood.

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