I have always been a huge fan of pancakes and waffles, not to mention cakes, breads, pastries oh shit that's everything! I heard about this snack from a friend but it wasn't this particular brand that I am talking here and for some reasons I got excited to try it and I did last week! I have heard amazing reviews from some of my friends telling me that this might be the best in town, but rumors are rumors before I actually tried it.

As you can see on the title, I am talking about EGGO Waffle! They have several outlets spread in Mall of Indonesia (MOI), Living World Alam Sutera, Summarecon Mal Bekasi but I went to their outlet in Mal Kelapa Gading 3, not because it's the closest but it's more like...the only option -.-". It's located just below Zara on the LG level, for some it might be isolated, but I think they're genius with the location. It's located strategically in between the entrance and access from the LG parking area and also the first thing you'll see smell right when you take the escalator down to the LG, smells annoyingly delicious everyone's going to cheat!

The venue wasn't spacious but it's not small either, and FYI this is their only outlet where you can actually dine-in, the others are more like island-outlets. The reason behind the naming (Eggo) was the fact that egg is the main ingredient used to make the waffles and you can't have too much eggs (well at least me). They currently have 10 flavors but since I finally realized my tummy actually has a freaking limit so I tried four...and four is quite a lot. If you want to customize your creations you can add up an ice cream topping for IDR 25k/scoop, they're using Spiky Smooth ice cream and you can choose between Hazelnut, Cookies and Cream, Matcha, Peanut Butter, Durian, Cream Cheese and Choco Milo.

PS: The creations already include one scoop of ice cream as the serving side and you can choose not to include the ice cream and get some "k"s waived off your bill.

Cherry on Top
IDR 42k
What makes this waffle special was the fact that they're using the Black Forest infused flavor with choco chips, completed by rum and raisin with literally cherry on top. Okay, I gotta give it to the texture of the waffle: AMAZING. For normal Belgian waffles, I usually love the crispier ones but as the physical appearance of this particular waffle was different, I like the round ones chewy and moist and that's what they are. The rum, black-foresty flavor was pretty rich but not overpowering. In default, this was served with cream cheese ice cream, but you can change it if you want and I did change it to Choco Milo flavor, the ice cream wasn't bad but I need bolder chocolate flavor I guess.

Half and Half
IDR 43k

The Half and Half was unique because there were two flavors in a portion: chocolate and vanilla egg waffle. However, there were chocolate chips inside both waffles, topped with skippy jam, almonds and dressed in chocolate sauce (the chocolate sauce was so good, premium-like) and served with peanut butter ice cream! I prefer the vanilla flavor to the chocolate, because remembering the condiments on this portion, the vanilla flavor really evolves that one whole bite of waffle, peanut butter jam, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter ice cream to a burst of flavor, and for some reasons, the vanilla waffle smelled so damn good, and yes better than the chocolate. I am not saying that the chocolate's bad, not at all, also yummy but I love the mixture of vanilla and chocolate. Recommended!

The Firefloss waffle was the more from the savory side of the creations and this was very simple, literally spicy floss inside the vanilla waffle and as simple as that resulting this very yummy moist chewy unforgettable waffle, and you might think that I rave so much about the waffles but I am not lying right now (not even an ad wtf), it's just simple but tasty (and quite spicy).

Pandan Waffle
The pandan waffle had this rich and bold pandan flavor which I quite like, but if they could tone down the pandan flavor just a little bit this would be even better for me. I adore their instinct of putting in kaya jam inside the waffle because the mixture of the pandan flavor and kaya jam felt just right! Shit I am getting hungry right now typing this!
The society (or life in general) is really funny because what's trending is really fast growing. I don't really know who bring this trend to Jakarta but I don't really care about trend as it comes and goes, but I do care about those who put more effort with the quality so they could have loyal fans who don't get too starstrucked with the trend. I could see good things happening to Eggo as quality wise, I think they have it, they just have to maintain it.

Either for the sake of bonding with the trend, Instagram purpose or whatever that is, you should try Eggo, at least for once.

Eggo Waffle
Mal Kelapa Gading 3 - LG level
Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14240
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Price: $, ranging from IDR 25k - IDR 45k


Map for Mal Kelapa Gading