I love afternoon tea.

...and I am not talking about having a cake and a cup of tea in the afternoon and call it a day, but the more "luxurious" one with tiers and treats.

Went to this new cafe in town with AnakJajan last week after attending an event earlier that day and we've been craving for afternoon tea and desserts. Since the event was held around Menteng, we decided to give this cafe a try, we honestly didn't know or ever heard about this cafe before but since we were around The Hermitage hotel - also there's a big possibility that a hotel actually has an afternoon tea set -, we googled "afternoon tea hermitage hotel" which eventually led us to this gorgeous cafe!

Getting here was actually pretty easy, it's located in Jalan Cilacap, Menteng, just a block away from the famous Surabaya street (if you know Giyanti coffee then you're actually there already). This "old" hotel itself (built in 1923) is the heritage of the beauty, the architecture rang "colony", "classic", "elegance" but "sophisticated" and "ethnical" as well, it also had this "fort" feeling to it which I like.
I fell in love via Google and fell deeper when I looked at the venue for myself!
My first impression of this cafe was "so bloody English" from the simple chic design to the white and red color and that's actually something to do with the "Courtyard" itself, I don't know, there's just something so English about the word "courtyard" and back when I was in London, I actually stayed at this gorgeous hotel called "Courthouse" if that makes sense for you #slightdifference.

But if you've ever been to London (or Europe) before then I bet you'll understand what I am saying about the ambiance.

The venue was actually a little smaller than my expectation when I looked it up online, but the setting and the ambiance of the room made this little cafe the "healthier" sweet escape if you're tired of the metropolitan side of the city, venue wise, my ideal hidden gem and not to mention some parts of me was in desperate need of some greens.

It feels like you're in a park but in a way sophisticated.
Edited this photo using my "Peach Pastelle" tone on Photoshop and oh, I wanna tell you how happy I am for the response of my VSCOcam Photoshop Tutorial because people start leaving me nice comments and some personally emailed me to ask for more tutorials which I will so you better stay tuned to this blog regularly, especially on Sundays, but don't take me for granted only for the Sundays :(.
We ordered one afternoon tea set with three tiers and one cup of tea (IDR 170k) and added one coffee beverage, Iced Caramel Latte (IDR 55k). The first and toppest tier was dedicated for the sweets while the second and the third tiers belong to the savory items. Overall, I quite like the experience of having the afternoon tea but I must say nothing really fantastic about the treats, well, I quite like their berry macaron and the chocolate dessert (in the middle of the Hermitage logo and the macaron) as the flavor's rich, premium and inside there's another crispier layer, other than that, it was pretty ok, including the savory ones.

Since the place was really pretty, we took the advantage to do a little photoshoot on this green background. Kinfolk mode on!

This wasn't the shot I wanted. I couldn't seem to fit all my head in because the depth wasn't that overwhelming but at least this looked like a decent shot and thank you Marius for this.
Spent around two hours sitting here while slowly getting finishing the set, I must say I love the place and probably coming back to feel the ambiance. My review doesn't do so much justice because I only tried their afternoon tea set, but some of my friends who have been here before told me they have pretty good savory dishes so I kinda wanna go back to give them a try!

I don't know why but I am kind of sick with the mainstream or hip places lately, aside from the "responsible" to keep you guys updated with the latest F&B trend...wait a minute, it's not really my responsibility, it's more like I love doing it and I thank you for following, but if you really love my culinary adventure then I am sure you're going to love the journey even more as I am taking you to more of the hidden gems places. Now I ask you... aren't you tired of those mainstream places that only sell the design but not really the food?

However, any recommendations of the hidden gems would be appreciated. Hit me up on the comment bar.

But seriously, thanks for following my culinary journey so far! Going to keep you guys updated with more delicious treats, umm, I mean visual treats. Happy foodgasm-ing!!!

The Hermitage Hotel Jakarta
Jalan Cilacap No. 1, Menteng
021 - 319 26888
Opening Hours: 9 AM - 9 PM
Pricing: $$
Dresscode: sporty casual
WiFi: NO!


Map for The Hermitage Hotel