Sukiya Gyudon Jakarta

Sukiya, the highly popular Japanese Gyudon chain in Japan is now opening its first outlet in Jakarta, just a swift away from the ocean at the north, in Baywalk Mall Jakarta to be exact *confetti*.

That subliminally means not to waste any time to visit and dig in to the scrumptious variants of beefbowls!

Sukiya is located at the 4th floor of Baywalk Mall Jakarta, the venue itself wasn't exactly spacious, from what I saw, the whole outlet could accomodate up to 50 people.
I went here with my college friends (mini reunion I must say) right after finished my meeting around the hood. According to one of my friends who have been to Japan before, the menu here wasn't as complete as Japan's outlet, it's because this particular outlet does not serve pork a.k.a HALAL, but personally I think the range was actually quite decent and drooling enough, not to mention, the best sellers are available!

The pricing was not bad at all, for a regular Gyudon (beefbowl), it cost (only) IDR 26,3k and IDR 32,7k for the large bowl, they also have the croquette set priced at IDR 36,3k and you're paying for a regular Gyudon that comes with two pieces of deep fried croquette (beef).

Talking about the croquettes, aside from the set, for every IDR 10k you add up for the ala carte you ordered, you're going to get two (2) pieces of deep fried beef croquettes, miso soup and a drink and for IDR 16,3k, you're getting chicken kaarages, miso soup and a drink. FYI they have Ocha (Japanese green tea), Pepsi, Strawberry Mirinda, 7up and Mineral Water for the drinks selections.

If you love you meal to have this adventurous touch to it, then you can customize your beefbowl with some of their offered toppings like Half Boiled Egg and Veggies, Triple Cheese, Spring Onion and Egg, Japanese Chiken Curry, Teriyaki Chicken Bowl and Kids Meal.

There were three main dishes: The Gyudon, Teri Mayo Chicken and Curry but we decided to order two signature Gyudon (another one is the set menu with extra spring onion - IDR 45k) and Teri Mayo Chicken set (IDR 44k). First, I liked how they're using the Japanese rice, the texture was just right for this kind of dish: gooey and semi-sticky in a language of delicacy. The beef croquettes were actually pretty good! Simple yet tasty but it could be better if the beef flavor was a little bolder and generous. While the beef... *shakes head* GOOD! Thin sliced tender and juicy beef practically amazingly seasoned, you could definitely hint that little smokey beef flavor. I tried this before and after I mixed it with the egg and Y KNO WHAT? The egg really helped out in developing that creamy texture, flavor and consistency. Don't you love it when the egg lava mixed along with the rice creating this new form (I don't know what to call it but I know you're imagining it!). I call this major eggporn.

Presentation might be boring but this one was good
If you notice the Miso soup at the back, well that shiz is good!

 Eggporn alert!

 Beef croquette
I was really impressed with the Teri Mayo Chicken and I actually liked this more than the Gyudon, the chicken was incredibly tender, drenched in a very well executed Teriyaki sauce and dressed in mayo, again, simple dish but tasted really good in my opinion.
I wasn't exactly impressed with the Karaage, it was just ok, nothing really screams. The one in Yoshinoya is waaaay better and juicier!

Let us all cherish the presence of this new dining spot in town! Generally I love casual restaurant dining more than fast food chains, but when a fast food chain is really good, I highly recommend. It's just the right place to come when you have enough with the mainstream one, but I can't really compare with the "Y", I think both has their own quality and selling point, for the beef, I might root for Yoshinoya, but for the chicken, hands down, Sukiya.

This kind of place is probably where I go for a major craving and instant dining, just fast, quick but still yummy, but I don't think I would rave like crazy, you know the boundaries.

In the meantime, you better come come come before the queue gets any longer and eventually... mainstream ;).

PS: this is the first time I went to Baywalk actually, what initially just for a meeting purpose in Emporium leading to a visit to Sukiya, I got turned on deliciously when my friend told me they're opening. Baywalk has so many nice places to eat and me looking forward to surf more from here!

SUKIYA Gyudon Beefbowl
Baywalk Mall, 4th floor
Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu B1 Utara
Jakarta Utara 14450


Map for Baywalk Mall Jakarta

4 komentar:

  1. i'm kinda surprise how they set their price a little bit cheaper than 'Y'.. if i'm not mistaken, in Japan, Sukiya set menu price kinda same or a bit pricy than 'Y' (just around 100 yen).. anyway thanks for sharing, gonna lock saturday date to Baywalk =D

  2. the karaage looks good and crisp:3 yum yum

  3. It's no pork right?
    how about mirin? No mirin inside the gyudon ingredients right?
    *I need to assure if Sukiya halal or not

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