Expensive. That was my impression when I first saw this good looking restaurant, well I bet that first picture above gave you that sort of intimidating feeling already and your mind probably start wondering about the pricing and stuff.

I don't know why but I just LOVE the name, Bottega is such a gifted name and whoever or whichever named Bottega should have class or need to have the effort to act like one, or else you're not a Bottega, err whatever the opening's awkward. This new restaurant located in Lingkar Mega Kuningan (Menara Danamon) could be one of my favorites when it comes to the space! It's indeed one of the most beautiful restaurants in Jakarta to date!

The creator of Bottega is also the same as Wilshire, well I knew it because I happen to know the owner and she told me she's opening this new restaurant in Kuningan and right after my Bali trip, the next day I went here with a friend to have lunch, well... my curiosity needs to be fed! FYI, in no way this review is a sponsored post or paid ads. I paid for everything here.

The ambiance of the restaurant was actually very Wilshire! Probably it's from the usage of the color, the artificial plants and the ceramics forming a certain shape or pattern. The overall feeling sort of had the mixture of elegance, industrial-polished but unfinished look (in a fashionable way), simplicity and warmth. Comparing to Wilshire, my personal preference seemed to like Bottega more not only that it's a little more posh, it's also lighter and helped me a lot in picture taking, Wilshire somehow sort of gloomy because the sunlight was pre-blocked by the canopy set outside, but aside from that, I love everything about the interior and minimal table setting from both restaurants, well here's the thing: simplicity is the best. Period.

Hanging lamps, this restaurant must be feeling pretty romantic during the night: dimmed with shining yellow light bulbs.
Photo courtesy of lulabyspoon

 If you come in two, then you might want to sit on this corner or the other corner just beside this. I found them the most comforting.
When I browsed the menu, I learned that they mostly offered European-Western cuisine (dominated by Italian and French) and from how they explained the food on the printed menu, the range was actually quite appealing and proceed to make me wonder of their appearance. Surprisingly, the pricing was not that intimidating, still affordable despite the first impression you get when you first saw the restaurant, just a little cheaper than Wilshire. They also have the breakfast menu with price ranging from IDR 55k-80k and choices of paninis.

Before I start giving the review of each food, I must say that I was quite happy about their presentation, I thought that they generally did such a good job with the plating, well photos as you scroll down.

Tuna with Anchovies and Tomato Reduction
IDR 79k
The tuna was well-cooked, the seasoning was simple and light with a little tanginess from the tomato reduction which also gave the refreshing hint to this meal. However, they put this on the "main course" tab and considering the portion, I think it would fit an "appetizer" more.

Papardelle with Beef Ragout
IDR 99k
First of all, giving you a little information: papardelle is the wide flat type of pasta with size twice larger than fettuccine and beef ragout is actually a beef-stew dish cooked in (somehow) long time, richly seasoned, and no I didn't "Google" to explain this, I use my own knowledge and experience.

Wilshire made lovely homemade pastas and before actually trying this, I had high expectation already and turned out, the texture of the pasta was beautiful, but there's a but, I was missing that sense of imperfection of the pasta that I was expecting as I slowly finished this. I mean it was good but it's almost too perfect almost factory produced, but don't take this wrong. The beef ragout was seasoned decently, but the texture wasn't my favorite, it was tad hard for me and very chewy.

Beef Cheek Braised in Red Wine
IDR 119k
What I expected to become the winning dish turned out against me, it's just that I think the red wine sauce was overcooked resulting this somehow weird flavor (I've tried some red wine sauce and I know my standard), and I assume the yam wasn't fresh the flavor was nowhere near both sweet or savory (I don't know how to explain it), and I think there should be sweet flavor to the yam. The sauteed veges were okay and lack of seasoning. least, it's not because of the beef cheek, it was in fact cooked perfectly and very tender. When I look at this dish, I instantly thought that this was a brilliant mix, it's just that it's not executed perfectly, and I really do hope when I get back, it could turn into a magic and made me feel ashamed for giving this a bad review.

Tres Leches with Burnt Caramel Sauce
IDR 45k
The sponge cake was good but overall this dessert wasn't anything very special and besides, for me it's a little milky.
I didn't know why, despite my love for the beautiful interior and ambiance, I failed to gain my love for Bottega after trying the food. Wilshire has amazing series of food and it's on my number 2 list of the best restaurants in Jakarta on the 2013 list. A part of me still couldn't believe and don't want to accept the fact and blaming on the fact that since they're just opening for less than 2 weeks hence they need more time to learn and I do hope they could improve because some restaurants that I actually paid attention and really cared, I hang my expectations with them, it's like I saw the potential on them.

But it's just my opinion, you can come, try and always give your honest opinion about this, and oh FYI they open quite early, starting from 9 AM!

Anyway, best of luck for Bottega and when I come back, I want to taste your top-notch cuisine and I feel it already that I wouldn't be disappointed, well at least it's okay to be confident and optimist right? ;).

Bottega Ristorante
Menara Bank Danamon
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. E4 No. 6
Lingkar Mega Kuningan, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950
021 - 5799 2222
Opening Hours: 9 AM - 12 AM
Pricing: $$
Dresscode: Sporty Casual


Map for Menara Danamon