The number of new restaurant in Jakarta, especially in Senopati could be overwhelming, astonishing and surprising, it felt like just a few days ago I mentioned "the newest joint" and in less than a week after my latest post, another new joint is opening, so by the time you're looking at my old posts you're going to see a lot of that so I do hope you're looking at the dates.

I've been noticing about Cantina 18 Italian Grill for a while because I go to the coffee shop below it (Crematology) quite a lot, so it was actually quite accidental for me knowing that it's opened. I didn't know that they actually opened until I finished having meeting at Pacific Place and while waiting for my sister's office hour (she's currently interning in SCBD), I decided to go to Crematology because for me, it's the best place to work on your stuff and actually be alone plus they have comfortable ambiance. I didn't always notice their signboard but it was usually written "Opening Soon" and that day, I noticed quite a few people were walking upstairs so I decided to have a look at the signboard and yes it changed to "Now Opening". As usual, knowing a new place opening I couldn't wait to try it myself!
The venue was totally not what I expected, I thought it's going to be rustic and pretty much like the past resident, Commune, but it wasn't spacious and actually quite serious, quite formal and generally, I didn't find it very comforting. They also have this glass cabinet where they keep the wine bottles, quick look at it, the collections was quite promising.
They also have the live kitchen and grill area.
The more private room, wasn't sure if this is a VIP room because it was just separated by the cabinet.

Complimentary Bread
The complimentary bread came with olive oil if you love having it together. I liked the stick one better. I expected them to be a little more warm because it was served cold.
The food here is dominated by (of course) Italian Grilled cuisine because it's their focus. The range was actually pretty good because you can find good colorful and possibly yummy selections of appetizers, pastas, steaks and desserts.

Strawberry Lemonade
IDR 35k
This was quite refreshing and the flavor was dominated with "sour" with mild sweetness. Didn't find any problem nor complaint for this one.
Salmone Alla Griglia
IDR 95k
I might be underrating the venue, but I won't do the same justice to this beautiful salmon. First of all, I must say I am liking the presentation of the lunch, it's in a way beautiful and simple. If you noticed the burned part of the salmon, frankly speaking, I quite liked it and it actually gave a little texture and hint of flavor to the salmon. The salmon was perfectly cooked leaving the inner part to still be pinkish, seasoning was light and the portion came with olive oil dip, handcut potatoes (which were awesome), fresh lettuce salad with lemon dressing (simple but decent), and lemon if you need one. I recommend this one.
It's such a worth it deal for IDR 95k because it was a big salmon that I had.
Braciola Di Maiale
IDR 110k
Short to say this was the pork chop dish. Again, beautiful presentation and large portion right here! The pork chop was seasoned beautifully and flavor wise, good. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with the texture: it was undercooked on certain parts - I got a photo of the undercooked part but that would gross you out - hence the pork was a little hard and very chewy.
From the photo below you can actually see the undercooked area. I was quite stunned to know that the waiter actually asked me if I wanted the pork to be "medium", "medium well" or "well done". PORK SHOULDN'T BE EATEN UNDERCOOKED.

Millefoglie Limone
IDR 55k
Pretty dessert presentation and lots of red as you can see making it attractive enough for the eyes. Flavor wise, not bad, but I didn't find out of the world good. Judging part by part, the strawberries were fresh and the texture of the puff pastry was crispy and I quite liked their lemon cream. If you notice the strawberry sauce glazed all over, I expected it to be sweeter :).

Overall, my experience was just okay, lately I started not to expect things, particularly on new restaurants because I just want to surf and experience, if it's good, it's blessings, if it's bad, it's lessons. Cantina 18 was nowhere near bad, but not as good as I thought it would be, but right after trying their salmon, they have good flavor and I know they can cook good food, I might have to come back for more of their food! Pricing wise, standard and I didn't

But still, wasn't entirely fond of the venue tho, it's just stiff, dull and tad serious for my liking.

Desperate need of coffee, fortunately it's located just below Cantina 18, that's another good thing about this restaurant! GOOD LUCK CANTINA 18 :*.

Cantina 18
Jl. Suryo No. 25 (above Crematology) 
Jakarta Selatan 12180
021 - 2751 0539
Opening Hours:
11 AM - 11 PM (daily)
Pricing: $$
Dresscode: Casual


Map for Crematology

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