This new coffee shop caught my attention straight away as my friend posted a photo of this particular on her Instagram. I've always have that thing for coffee shops and I found them really sexy in the most delicious and curious ways, there's something about the smell of coffee that's very addicting and comforting, it's almost like you can't have enough of them.

Goni, which by the way means gunnysack in English is this petite and humble coffee shop located in Jalan Kemang Selatan 1 in South Jakarta. I don't exactly know the philosophy behind the naming, except for the fact that gunnysack is the material used to carry the coffee beans, polish it a bit and gunnysack represents who they are: strong and confident with their products, needs to be covered gently as they have good products :). Based on my experience and self-proclaimed "research", I found that most of the best coffee shops are actually located in the South, including Crematology which Argam, one of the owners used to spend his time interning in. Goni might be petite but I won't use the word "cute" to describe it because it's the least thing that's equivalent with a coffee shop in my standard, but I love the ambiance about it, I love it even more for the fact that they're actually located around the Bajaj station, there's something very ethnic, local, unique, vintage and original about it.

For the coffee, they're currently focusing on the Bali Kintamani house blend, which by the way is the ultimate tag team with cappuccino and Padang Solok (this one I never tried before).

Here they do not serve main courses, they just provide light bites like pastries and cakes, well if only you consider croissants light.
Knowing that they're using Bali Kintamani house blend, that means ordering cappuccino (IDR 35k/hot) is a freaking must and yes it was beautiful. I love the coffee as the flavor is rich and with tolerable acidity. I also tried their Iced version of cappuccino (IDR 40k) and theirs was a little unique because they actually blend the cappuccino along with one scoop of vanilla ice cream, and the result? A good comforting-almost must have-drink to fight the day heat.
I tried their banana cake and I wouldn't recommend it to you as it's not my favorite, the texture was not solid and tend to stay apart after every cut.
Overall, I must say that Goni is a strong contender to the coffee shops in Jakarta. The place might be petite but their quality isn't exactly, and it's probably the fact that the owners both spent a couple of their years in Sydney (which by the way serves amazing coffee). It's good to know that there's FINALLY another decent place that sells good coffee despite selling the venue or location. Welcome to the jungle you guys and good luck!

Goni Coffee
Jalan Kemang Selatan I No. 20
(located at the Bajaj station, near HERO and Antipodean)
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 12730
0815 1304 6461
email: hello@gonicoffee.com
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 7 AM - 5 PM
Sunday: 8 AM - 5 PM
Pricing: $


Map for Jalan Kemang Selatan 1

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  1. You didn't insert many picture as usual, Hans. Does it mean that it attracked you only a little?

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