Went to this new eatery in Pantai Indah Kapuk a couple of days ago because I heard they provide Gyu Tan Don here and I am such a sucker of that. Talking about the food trend, Gyu Tan Don is big right now and you can easily find an appetizing looking GTD in Jakarta and it's probably near you, like this one if you live around Pluit or PIK area.

Fat Belly is located in the Ruko Crown Golf area and few shops from to the uber famous SumoBoo and the upcoming Nam Nam (yes Nam Nam is opening in Jekardah woohoo!)
I wasn't really expecting anything about this and lately I've been trying not to, whenever there are new places opening, all I want to do is to go there and eat, it's true that sometimes I can't help pre-judging certain places' quality from the venue and there has been quite shockers lately if you follow my blog. What's so beautiful could end up not so appetizing, what's really humble could be the most spectacular, nope I won't name names, you read and you know.

Belly Inc. didn't have the most spectacular venue, it's just very simple and very proper. Not much going on with the detailing and deco but they do have separated area for smokers located at the outer area with two medium-sized tables and the second level. The venue itself wasn't spacious hence the capacity's not ultra.
The food menu here is pretty much casual meals with mixed genre, so you can find Asian and Western food here with very affordable prices! The Asian menu also feature traditional Indonesian street food like noodles, fried rice, meatball soup (bakso) or fritters (bakwan). The range price of the food here starts from IDR 25k-IDR 150k. I assume for two, generally you can spend IDR 100k-150k (but still depend on what you're ordering).

I forgot the name but this one you should try (at least show the picture to the waiter). I love how refreshing this was with lovely balance of sweetness and a good hint of sour. Fruity and sort of addicting!

THE FOOD! Everything you see is goodness goddess!

Fried Mushroom with Salted Egg
IDR 30k
This was a bloddy good appetizer! The mushroom coated with batter then deep fried with salted egg dressing. They were cooked perfectly leaving the inner part to still be juicy. The salted egg coating was flavorful but not overpowering. MUST TRY.

Gyu Tan Don
IDR 85k
Just when I looked at this on the menu Gyu Tan Don (GTD) I knew I must order. What's really the high point of this dish was how generous they are with the ox tounge! They were much and cooked beautifully. Flavor wise, it's heading the sweet taste instead of savory and it's rich in a good way. If they could make the overall to be a little dry and less "wet", this would be even better.
Tak Tik Tuk Noodle
IDR 25k
Tak Tik Tuk Noodle is their take of simple fried noodle, but I have to give a credit for this one because this was freaking good. Simple yet very flavorful with incredible seasoning. Couldn't seem to find a way to describe it, you better try.

My take on Belly Inc: simply a restaurant in the most literal way. They're not fancy with this and that, everything is simple, right on point, proper and probably not your typical hangout spot. The food here (based on my visit) was good with minor personal preference. I love how smartly brave they're with the seasoning, meaning the flavor is quite there yet but not overpowering the palate.

Simple yet humble but quite impressive. Sometimes it's better this way!

Please keep this or keep up the overall performance!!! Please! I give you good review so next time I won't be hearing people leaving comments saying that my review is overrated *shoot*. I am coming back for more in store! GOOD LUCK BELLY INC!

Belly Inc
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D #20 (near SumoBoo)
Jl. Marina Indah Golf
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
021 - 2921 0551
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Pricing: $
Dresscode: As casual as you can!


Map for Rukan Grown Golf

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