My life routine requires me to be mobile all the time, and stay connected to the world.

Well, in this case, the internet world.

Since I love travelling and has been to several parts of the world (trust me I am not being cocky), I do feel the need URGENCY to stay online all the time so that I can stay connected with my loved ones, open and reply the emails, or simply to keep up with my social media audience, and that’s when I choose to get the simcards, and let me tell you this, comparing to the network providers in Jakarta, I must say that the internet connection in Jakarta is not as responsive as those countries I've been, but one thing that sure is better in Jakarta is the cost.

Here I also wanna tell you guys a little bit about my work since I constantly received questions about it. I’ve mention on the blog post way long time ago that one of my earning source is through Instagram ads, back to where I mentioned the internet connection in Jakarta is not always friendly, here comes the trouble. If you follow my Instagram, I think you should know that I do publish upcoming events on my Instagram, and I think you’re also smart enough to know that they are ads, and usually the clients want me to publish their events or certain dates and hour, and there were times when I wanted to upload, I happened to be in somewhere with very-very bad signal reception and I have to postpone the posting, well we all don’t want to seem unprofessional in front of our clients, right?
 I love their new design, it’s simple and chic.
Lately I’ve been using the BOLT! 4G Orion portable wifi that I purchased in OKE Shop Pacific Place for IDR 399k, rest assure as you can get this almost everywhere in town! I personally think they have helped me A LOT when it comes to time efficiency and all of my works. I am the type of person who literally can’t live without the freaking internet, it’s almost like the oxygen to my life, but I am NOT the type of person who can work at home, well I can, but it has to be very-very late & quiet, and to be honest I’ve been feeling very tired staying up all night writing blog posts with 5 watts of body capability, so whenever there is chance I would open my laptop and start working on the blog stuff, and sometimes even on the go...like this particular post! Yes I am actually writing this blog entry in my car.

Not all cafes in Jakarta provide good WiFi connection, some even needs to be illegal to showcase a WiFi that bad, but that wouldn’t be a problem for me as I could just turn on my BOLT! 4G WiFi and have awesome and fast connection for me to surf whatever that is on the internet, if you happen to be in certain areas where they have the most maximum connection (for example: Kuningan), you can access the internet with speed 10x than the normal WiFi connection. Ain’t that exciting?!
One of the perks of owning the BOLT 4G WiFi is you can access the internet to do your works (like I do) when you’re actually on the road. Let me tell you this, you can actually make your life even worthwhile when you’re stuck in hours of Jakarta traffic jam and d, we all know how awful the traffic in Jakarta is, I know this might sound crazy, but when my schedule is actually pretty free and all I have is my gadgets and  good WiFi connection, I don’t even bother all that traffic thingy, just ignore it, put my headsets on and blend with my own world of surfing the internet or updating my blog!
If you sign up as a new user, you’re eligible to free 8 GB internet access of the first month, and after that, all you need is to top up your credit and trust me IDR 100k ($10) & 13 GB should be enough for a month, for a monthly fee, I think it’s very affordable! For every purchase of BOLT! 4G Orion Portable WiFi like mine, along with the free 8 GB internet, you’re also entitled to: up to 100 Mbps of download speed, up to 10 Mbps upload speed, up to 8 gadgets tethering, 2000 mAH battery capacity (can last around 8 hours).
When you already own the BOLT! 4G WiFi, proceed to download the My BOLT application! This application will provide you with information regarding your BOLT! 4G WiFi, such as: account balance, remaining data, and even allowing you to buy the data package to make you stay connected all the time! Free download at PlayStore for Android users and Apps Store for iOS phones users.

For more details of their internet package and their FAQ -> CLICK HERE
Details where you can get the BOLT 4G WiFi -> CLICK HERE
They’re having the roadshow where you can actually get the bundle for CHEAPER promotional price – IDR 349k!!! Click here for details of their roadshow events -> CLICK HERE


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  1. i can say that till this time bolt has the best wifi connection based on 4glte