I became one of the tasting panels for this particular brand that will be launched on July 15th 2015 and I got it covered just for you, and in no way this is an advertorial and I am telling you all the most honest thing that I’ve experienced, because in certain way, as the tasting panel, you also pay attention and judge without being bias and judgemental.

For those who don’t know, croissant taiyaki is currently the trending dessert (and I mean it’s really BIG at the moment) and it is the unique and beautiful blend of  Taiyaki (Japanese traditional fish shaped cake) and croissant, so croissant taiyaki basically is this fish shaped croissant dessert. In Jakarta you can find various type of this in various texture and filling, some choose to have this chewy “mochi” like texture, and some will do it waffle plain, some like it with additional toppings such as ice creams and stuff, while some just love the good old custard filling, and that’s exactly what Taiyaki patisserie is doing, sticking to the simple, but very promising when it comes to the flavor, and the good thing about them, they come with their own design and impressive branding it's almost like they're anti-mainstream and raising the bar higher.
So as this post is written, I am confident enough to claim that this is so far THE BEST TAIYAKI DESSERT I’ve had in Jakarta at the moment. The coating had this incredibly crispy and beautiful flaky texture and as you tore it, you’re going to find this buttery flavor and the filling was very generous for one piece, tried all the custard filling (mocha, rum, green tea, dark chocolate, and soon red bean) and the rum one was MY FAVORITE, the texture of the cream was not incredibly thick, it was just good with the right moisture, and the rum one had this good balance of rum flavor without overpowering the whole thing, the dark chocolate was quite good as they use real melted chocolate bars but it’s kinda been there done that. I was happy to find out that they didn’t use that cheap green tea powder, you know that kue cubit green tea flavor where it had this jasmine (or whatever) scent in it.

The selling price per piece would be IDR 25k and the box of 6 for IDR 135k, they’re opening in Central Park on July 15th 2015 so stay tuned!

Taiyaki Patisserie
Central Park Mall LG #158
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta Barat


Map for Central Park

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