The popularity of Pasar Santa is now fading when you compare it to last year or even a few months ago, rest assure as there’s another food arcade that’s ready to entertain our palate, say hi to Food Fighters!

I think of Food Fighters as the smaller version of Pasar Santa in a better location and air-circulation, that’s because they have outdoor seatings and if you’ve been to Pasar Santa before you must know that it’s so freaking hot there your make-up barely stay on your face (hyperbolically). Food Fighters is located at Melawai Area in Blok M, South Jakarta (near FaveHotel) and it’s actually owned and managed by the same people who manage FaveHotel and Kopitiam Oey.
The interior felt very raw but in the same time, good looking and IS the eye-catching value of it! Here you’re going to see plenty of colorful pixelated game characters painted on the concrete wall, old vintage chairs and tables, there’s just something very photogenic about the design of the venue.

There are around 10 tenants opening in Food Fighters at the moment and almost all of the tenants were Pasar Santa’s tenants before they moved here, it’s just the classic issue of when a place got highly publisized (or famous), the rent fee skyrocketed and some just can’t handle. If you’re familiar with ABCD (A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers), they’re now coming to Food Fighters and collaborating with Bear&Co as “Kopi Pasar”, the coffee institute is still using the same name, only they’re now located in Gondangdia. Besides Kopi Pasar, you’re going to see some more familiar names such as Judas Kitchen, Zucker Waffle, Mie Chino, Sloppy Bro, Black Jack, Bonara Pasta, Papricano, Sate Bumbu Oma, Banhmily and Food Fighters’ very own drink station.


 Hot and Iced Latte - IDR 27k

Mie Karet Ayam Jamur + Bakso (meatball) + Pangsit (wonton) – IDR 35k
Unlike when they were in Pasar Santa, they now change their serving presentation by using noodle box, and in a way, it’s a little more efficient because you can just throw it away once you’re finished and have the boxes recycled, and I wasn’t sure why, but the noodle actually tasted better than the one I tried in Pasar Santa, the noodle was just chewier and it’s just altogether well seasoned! Don’t forget to add in the sambal if you love your noodle a little spicy.
Blackjack Burger – IDR 45k
The blackjack burger came in a pretty big and generous portion and it’s called Blackjack because they’re using the black charcoal bun as the cover. The burger consist of lettuce, beef patty, egg, cheese and mayo sauce. The beef patty was tasty yet tender, but don’t forget to have it while it’s still warm as they have melted cheese and egg too.
Besides black burger, they also have black noodle and black wraps.
Mushroom Burger – IDR 30k
Judas Kitchen is highly known as THE juice store in Pasar Santa and they are now expanding their menu by adding more healthy indulgence such as Judas Mushroom Burger, their signature burger targeted for vegans. The burger consist of two main ingredients: portobello mushroom and feta cheese. This simply proves that healthy food doesn’t mean yucky food, the burger was tasty enough.
Fettucine Carbonara with Smoked Chicken – IDR 35k
This was super cheesy! If you love lotsa cheese than I would recommend this! The pasta was cooked in a proper al-dente. Besides pasta, they also have pizza creations with various cheese toppings here.
Sirloin Steak Waffle – IDR 40k
One of my favorite dishes that I sampled on the day was this sirloin steak waffle by Zucker Waffle! The sirlon was very tasty and tender. The waffle itself was fluffy and they intentionally made the flavor not to appear very sweet as they’re using the waffle as buns of the sandwich and let the other elements do the talking. I also love the idea of adding in the caramelized onion to this, it’s just a good play of flavor.
 Is it fulling enough? Absolutely.
Ginger Lemon and Chicken Bahnmi – IDR 30k
I love the ginger lemon and chicken filling for this bahnmi, very fragrant, tasty and meaty. I personally think a portion of this is fulfilling enough for you as the sandwich was quite big and meat was quite generous for the portion.
Garlic Parmesan Wings – IDR 22k
Original Cola Wings – IDR 35k
If you’re not expecting something big as your meal, then heads on to Yipiko Wings, a stall here that specialized in chicken wings. Tried both of their best sellers: Garlic Parmesan and Original Cola, personally I like the Garlic Parmesan better than the Original Cola, but that doesn’t mean that the Original Cola is not worth trying, it’s good, just not cola enough for me. I was highly fond of the handcut fries! The texture and the seasoning were just right on spot.
Chicken and Lamb Satay – IDR 40k
If you’re looking for some Eastern-local cuisine here in Food Fighters, then Sate Bumbo Oma is the right choice! They are focusing on Nusa Tenggara Timur cuisine (NTT, a province on the East of Indonesia). One of the their best sellers menu is their satay. You can choose the proteins (chicken and lamb) individually or have them mixed altogether. I tried the mixed one, the satay was very tasty, but quite spicy as well, so if you don’t like spicy stuff then have the chili separated.
 The portion came with rice.
Besides savory dishes, they also serve little desserts such as Chocolate Kitkat Pudding &  Strawberry Nesquik Pudding (both IDR 12k) and Ice Carica Fruit (IDR 20k). The Ice Carica Fruit was such a refreshing and “cleansing” dessert.

This time Papricano and Sloppy Bro are collaborating in one long booth, but still, serving what they serve best: Mexican and American comfort food. Make sure to try Papricano’s Burrito – IDR 40k and Sloppy Bro’s Original Sloppy Joe – IDR 30k and Sloppy Brisket – IDR 35k. The burrito had this generous tasty filling of beef and fresh thinly slices veges, while Original Sloppy Joe is actually a tomato based groundbeef sandwich topped with cheese and served in soft and fluffy bun. They just recently launched the Sloppy Brisket: beef brisket cuts also served in their soft and fluffy bun. Personally, I like the Original Sloppy Joe better, but the brisket was not bad.
 Original Sloppy Joe – IDR 30k
 Sloppy Brisket – IDR 35k
After all the glorious food, you might want to swipe away all your quench. There’s a small stall located across Kopi Pasar and beside Mie Chino where you can buy beverages and desserts, I am not gonna talk about mineral freaking water here, as I want to highlight their cute dessert: Kakigori!
The kakigori came in pretty colors and presentation (look at that cotton candy), and kakigori itself basically a shaved iced desserts served with seaweed agar, ice cream and pocky & popcorn toppings. The kakigori is available in three colors: red (strawberry), blue (curacao syrup) and green (melon).
Lime Crushed Tea – IDR 18k
Fresh with well balanced amount of sour from the lime.
Food Fighters at night


I had fun going to Food Fighters a couple of days ago, not only the food, but also the people and surrounding. Some of my friends actually own the business here and it was hours of good talk and good food. Absolutely coming back here again, it’s also the place that I would be more than happy to introduce to my foreign friends. I just hope they will love it and find this as cool as I do.

Weekends are the peak days here, so it could get very packed. I suggest to come early.
 In the end this is what matters...
Yes, because we are the food fighters!

Food Fighters
Jalan Melawai IV No. 7 (beside FaveHotel Melawai)
Kebayoran Baru, Blok M - Jakarta Selatan 12160
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k+
Dresscode: as casual as you can, nobody cares


Map for FaveHotel Melawai