As a local tourist, the life in Bali is like the best days you can have off Jakarta, even when it’s not Sunday, it does feel like everyday Sunday. I don’t know exactly how many times I’ve been to Bali in my life, but each visit is always special, especially this year, since I haven’t gone to Bali since December (to celebrate New Year), my last Bali trip – that just ended two days ago – felt extremely special.

I’ve always loved staying in W! I’ve been raving about it like A LOT on my social medias and proudly claim my love for them! There’s something about staying in Seminyak that I love, especially how well they are with the F&B scene and I was actually quite surprised that on my visit I learned that some of my favorites cafes like Salty Seagull is closing, and Grocer and Grind has their new face, 8 months is certainly more than enough for some kind of “evolution”
 Marvelous view from my room! 6 times here and never got bored.
 ...but thank goodness, W remains the same, only that I miss it more. I (still) love the hotel, the casual attentive service with good and respectable attitude, and of course, terrific food. Their hotel restaurants are probably the best you can find in Seminyak. I enjoyed my dinner at Fire, a separated post will be dedicated, but now I am blogging about the fabulous Starfish Bloo Sunday Brunch, but before that, let's check out some of the snaps that I took during my stay!

This cake is such an attention seeker.
 Lady in Red, one of Woobar’s newly launched drink that you should try. Fruity and refreshing!
I arrived on the day where Silent Disco was being held in Woobar. It’s an annual W event anticipated by many! I don’t know how to describe it, but it was probably one of those moments where it’s so awkward, but it’s so awesome and you find it very very cool, people dancing to the music coming from the wireless headphones and to those who didn’t have their headphones on, heard nothing and just carefully watched people start doing this random dancing, some could be VERY funny!

 Breakfast at Fire! I woke up early and came here only for this: Foie Gras and egg! Not something I would do in Jakarta, I only wake up early when I am travelling. Noted.
I was so lucky to have a spot at one of Bali’s most happening brunch, which take place every Sunday in Starfish Bloo, the beachfront restaurant located inside the W Retreat and Spa, Bali captained by Chef Matthew McCool, a little about the chef, he was awarded the highest rating of three hats by 2014 Gault and Millau Sydney for Altitude restaurant and worked with world renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Tom Aikens and Peter Gilmore all over UK, Australia, Sicily and Beijing (geez resume so long and intimidating *.*), the brunch is consistently full house every week (280 seating capacity) and even though the brunch is held every Sunday, the reservation is mostly always full and closed on Wednesday, so walk-ins are not recommended unless you’re crazy lucky.

You can choose to have or not having alcohol here, a glass of champagne is given to you if you prefer the champagne brunch.
 The brunch is priced at IDR 499k++ per person and kids under 12 are eligible to 50% off! (Including access to the WET pool)
The range of the food here is pretty large starting from the appetizer to the desserts, the savory to the sweet ones, it’s just a lot that I was a little confused on where to start. The queue for fresh sashimi and seafood was the most “obvious” one so I decided to bond with the popular. The fresh seafood features selections of prawns, king prawns, oysters, and crabs.

Besides the sashimi and seafood, they also have the local station featuring the traditional Balinese suckling pig and noodle soup, the BBQ station is also available on the outer part of the restaurant featuring selections such as steaks and ribs, corns, meat skewers and more, the salad station, the mexican station (paos), Chinese dimsum, Japanese stations, toasts, cakes, fruits, waffles and pancakes, desserts and more!

The suckling pig was HEAVEN! It was so so good with crispy skin, tender meat and juicy fats!
BBQ station: corns, meat skewers and more!

 Gotta have two errday!

 Jelly candies! FYI they’re available on each table!

 Uber fresh seafood, I literally finished everything you see here, super love the oysters OMG so damn fresh! Tips: squeeze the lemon juice all over the seafood to give that hint of sour and freshness!

 Paos, sashimi (nigiri, tuna and salmon) and greens!

 Lentil salad, Balinese veges side, couscous salad, sambal matah, sambal hijau and brioche bun with Foie Gras.
 Pancake topped with honeycomb ice cream, mango sorbet, mochi and raspberry sauce dressing.
 Cakes for days!
 They also have the kids area where they can do fun stuff such as face painting.
 It was fun having my brunch here with friends, I feel like we’re actually having brunch in the Australia as we were probably the only locals (I did look around), maybe it’s the kind of ambiance that made the experience cooler!
I had experienced the brunch at Fire, and Fire is totally different to Starfish Bloo, you know that’s another thing that I love about W, I just feel that each place here is a different playground. Fire to me is a little more structured and “serious”, Starfish Bloo is a little more laid back, open and casual, Woobar is where you go to sip some drinks and enjoy the fresh air and the sunset, while Ice Bar is more private, and swept away all the hangover as their AWAY spa is the hangover cure LOL.
 Let’s check out what they had in Fire! Didn’t eat here but I did ask permission for pictures.

 Cutest popcorn, half the size of my palm.

Short to say, not only one of the best brunch in Bali, but to me, one of the best brunch EVER. I seriously never experienced this much excitement towards brunch. Brunch are indeed FUN!

W Retreat and Spa Seminyak Bali
Jl. Petitenget 
Seminyak, Bali 80361
+62 361 - 473 8106 (RESERVATION RECOMMENDED)


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