Mika Japanese Bistro

Last week I was invited for a food tasting session by Mika Japanese Bistro in Kota Kasablanka. To be honest I've never heard about this restaurant before and most of the times when I get invited, I always check the restaurant out. I got a great impression just by looking at its website because it was so beautifully designed so starting from there I guess I kinda have some expectations about the restaurants.

...and somehow my expectations sorta fits the vision that I noticed myself, the restaurant is so pretty and I have told you guys a million times that I adore vintage touch and this restaurant is totally VINTAGED! It has almost no Japanese touch, I'd say it's more European restaurant like interior, very french bistro and somehow reminds me of around a year ago when I first thought "TOUS LES JOURS" was from France, where the truth is it's from South Korea... I give credit because I think they're out of the box, When you serve Japanese food doesn't mean you have to go all the way Japanese head to toe, in and out right?

I'm honestly going to take this time to thank the manager, I don't know if he wanted to be mentioned right here so I guess if you're reading, you know who you are, I think he's such a great visionaire, he actually had this concept for this food tasting session and made me a mystery guest, because he also wanted to evaluate how the staff's service and all (isn't it GREAT?!) so I'm going to be completely honest with this review, because it's completely what I experienced, I've mentioned it before that just because I am invited for a food tasting session, the review will not be different, I'm going to be completely honest to prevent any further disappoinment.

It's just the beginning and I'm already impressed by the interior, so I think it's good so far... I think you guys should check it out so here are some photos for you.


and oh, before you even ask... YES I CAME WITH LYKEE! I'd never leave him alone hahaha... I kinda love how Lykee fits the whole concept of this restaurant, it's so nice and enjoyable to take pictures of the whole thing. I received so many love for this tiny creature from social networks and comments. Some people actually messaged me on FB just to tell me that Lykee is super adorable and they wonder where they can buy this Sonny Angel doll, of course I'm not telling them!!! HAHAHA JOKING!!! Thank you guys!

More photos of Lykee at some area of this restaurant, consider this some kind of Lykee traveling at Mika Island.

Are you guys already impressed with the interior?

You ain't see nothing yet because I haven't spilled you anything about the food so do stay tuned, and I got a big surprise later at the end of the post so you do need to pay attention.

First, I was served with this beverage called "Harajuku Pop". Isn't the name is inviting already? So pretty.
"Harajuku Pop" is the mixture of sake, raspberry juice, cranberry juice and magic pop candy. You know that candy you probably tasted when you were a little and even up until now, tiny candies that pops inside your mouth. I adore the usage of the magic pop candy because it's such a genius touch instead of using sparkling sugar, and the magic candy itself actually tastes a little sour and I love it. I love how the sake is not very alcoholy (I don't know if that word even exist), you can feel it, but it's not overwhelming. I would recommend this one when you visit Mika.

Secondly, this beverage came for serving, this one is called "Bimbolicious" hahaha I love the name! "Bimbo" is actually not a good word but it just sounds so damn funny so what? "Bimbolicious" is the mixture of lychee,  strawberry and vanilla. It's being served in an adorable genie bottle and the color is so pretty as you can see.


Goma Tofu Salad
You know what kind of food that I like? I'm pretty sure that I have mentioned about texture, texture is super essential in food just to keep your mouth exciting and actually gives you a little excitement while eating so it won't get boring. This food totally got the texture contrast and I love the idea and the concept of the tofu wrapped in a crunchy skin and garnished with the sesame seed. So pretty, and it smells so good too. It's originally served with this special Mika sauce. Not everyone enjoys salad with the sauce already tossed together, some prefer to have it just the way it is, plain almost bland. We can never explain when it comes to people's preference, so it's a good thing that the sauce is not mixed and separated.

I think the tofu needs a little more seasoning because if you prefer eating it without the sauce, this tofu is almost bland so it needs a little seasoning (considering that not everyone will enjoy having salad + sauce).

Ebi Rice and Cream Korokee
This is another appetizer presented for me, this one is fried balls with yummy cheesy cream fill, I don't know why but cream fill and crunchy fried dough always work for me. I kinda enjoy eating it, it's a great choice for appetizer if you don't want to have salad for your starter.


Demiglace Omurice
Omurice is certainly one of my most favorite japanese dish, I love how unique it is and how tasty it is, in the same time very creamy yet not overpowering my sense of appetite (~.~). This dish presented to me at the food tasting is their special menu, it is a japanese style omelette and tomato fried rice with French influence thick brown sauce.

Okay, first things first, HANDS DOWN TO THE OMELETTE for being so creamy and yummy, it's cooked very well, I love how it melts in my mouth and I would say that the omelette is the champion. My comment was given to both the rice and the thick brown soup. It's a japanese style fried rice with japanese rice (which is sticky) and tomato sauce. The tomato sauce and the thick brown soup taste almost the same for me, so I need a better kick of contrast for my tounge (not literally, I don't want a kick for my tounge). I think it would be much better if the rice is a simple japanese fried rice, therefore it will fit better with the already awesome thick brown sauce.

FYI what makes the sauce so special is because the sauce is cooked 7 FRIGGIN DAYS!!! It's so awesome how a sauce is so complicated in the producing process. Anyway, it's just my personal opinion, it's not bad tho, I still really want you guys to try it and who knows you'll like it better than me..or maybe you want to try this for free? (STAY TUNED until the end of the post...hehehe).



OMG this dish is so dangerous! This one is personally my most favorite overall and I hate it when I am typing this blog post and I see this picture I go craving for it so damn much!!! Ladies and gentlemen, let me to please introduce you to:

BANOFFEE PIE (yes with double "F" and "E").
It's caramelized banana, coffee pie with chocolate, caramel and cream *stressed*.

The pie skin melts in your mouth just like that, and I do love bananas, the creamy caramelized banana is soooooooooo yummy I can't emphasize it enough, especially the filler itself is already mixed with chocolate, caramel and topped with whipped cream and coffee powder. It's the great portion of 100% divided by 3, you got the pie, you got the awesome banana fill and the rest for your pleasure. DO ORDER THIS, this is my command HAHAHA.

This dessert definitely will be super creamy, I think it's also good for sharing, don't judge it's tiny appearance, it's not even that little in prtion, but most importantly, it tastes so friggin big.

OKAY, NOW I'M FULL and when I'm full, I tend to get VERY HAPPY.
Just like exercise, it gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! MIKA is my endorphin!

and since I'm feeling very happy now, I feel like sharing you guys something...

I have...

isn't that exciting enough?

All you need to do is super simple...
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This is Mika's menu for you to surf (click to enlarge).


Mika Japanese Bistro
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