Life Is How You Take It and Give It

This is probably one of the biggest achievements that I've ever done. Well, I didn't win an award or I didn't get a lottery and win 1 billion rupiahs, it's all about self-achievement, something to do with this inside that I feel super proud of and I just want to share it with you guys.

I'm going to tell you upfront that this post will not contain food and beverages, it's just a little sharing that I really want to tell you guys, who knows it can be something that you're going to start thinking and consider doing.

This is actually something that us (meaning me and my family) did in the past. So around 3 months ago I went to this orphan house called "Pondok Damai" in Cilangkap (West Java). It's something that has been planned for a while. Each and everyone in my BIG family was asked to participate in the donation, it's either they want to donate money or food or whatever they want without any forcing and even if they don't want to donate anything, all pure intention. This happened just a few days after CNY so I thought I can donate some part of my good fortune to those who needed it more.

The house was not big and it was not small either, but moments after I stepped into the crowd of orphans who were patiently waiting for us, I thought I just stepped into a crowd filled with love, you can definitely see how pure and nice they were, and the fact that they're kids even makes the kindness and pureness more highlighted, you just can feel it (^.^).

They just appear so pure and their smiles were very beautiful I can't stand not to take photos of them, they really help me in the picture taking process because I have the best "models" and they're all beautiful.

This girl is very nice, she even asked me if I can take picture of her and I absolutely nod as yes!!!
and she gave me that blue paper bird as a gift..aww how sweet.

The purpose of this orphan house visit beside the social purpose is to also give surprise and celebrate the birthday of three pretty kids, it was very sentimental for me to be able to give such happiness for others, especially ones who probably had things like this happening to them for the very first time in their lifes, since it's a surprise, it's happening a little later so hold on.

This girl is also the cutest thing is the world, she's very active, adorable and she likes everything "PINK". This is probably the very first post that I personally abused the word "pretty", "adorable", "sweet", "gorgeous", "beautiful". OMG those words can't even describe them enough I am lost in emphasizing, you just need to meet these girls they're awesome!!!

I love the fact that the kids in this orphan house are not shy and their cheerfulness just bright up the whole day, it's full of laughters, spirits and definitely love for one another. Kids here range from age 4-15 and the older ones act like brother/sister to the rest.

The days in this Orphan house are always productive because they're being taught and given the art and craft skills, how to produce it and make something that could earn personal and material benefits, at the end part of this post, I'm going to show you later on what I mean with the art and craft skills.

So we came with this one game, it's actually very easy but it requires a great team skills and definitely CREATIVITY. The prettiest and most creative one is going to win a goodie bag (but definitely everyone's given, it's just to make their spirit risen). The game is called "COLLAGE YOURSELF", so basically it is to create a collage of their own photos and they need to decorate it with materials that we brought like sparkling dusts, markers, crayons and etc.

Let's see some pictures relating to the game:

I think the winner is this group, the nurse decided the winner but really everyone is a winner, and competition is just a word, it means nothing for this event and... here. I had a picture of the nurse at the end of this post, her name is Leony, she's probably the most important/head of this orphan house, she's an angel to these kids.


I wanted to take more photos of the kids with the artworks but the nurse annouced that it's time for lunch so they abandoned me :(...nah joking! You know how it feels when you're hungry right!!!

I told you earlier that this post won't contain any food and beverage, well not really! What's eatandtreats without at least one food pictures, this time is nothing fancy, it's a simple food that brings joy to everyone :). Best thing of it? All home made and made with LOVE!

rice + fried noodle + fried chicken + meatball soup + kerupuk! PARFAIT.

This cake is also homemade, my aunt is such a talented cook and she owns a bakery company, not sure if this one is custom made or another of her product that she also sells.

It's time for another FUN PART! THE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE!
This girl is just like a doll can't take my eyes of her.

Isn't it nice when you can witness the happy moments? It's even happier for me because I was the one giving it to these precious kids. Wishing these kids all the happiest moments in life and of course I wish that these kids can grow up and become "someone" with confidence and successful life.

I'm getting so emo now I'm so happy!!!

Anyway I told you about the art and craft skills that they're given and they applied it to these pretty artworks!!! Buy some of them as appreciation for their hardworks.

What's a memorable visit without...what else...*clear throats*

See the nurse in the middle, bet you can see her since she's the only one wearing the whitest-white outfit, that's nurse Leony, the angel I talked about earlier. In case you're wondering where I am, I am the one taking the photos so you won't find me anywhere. *cry*

Nah!! I'm joking I know you must have missed me, which I'm pretty sure you guys do not! But that's okay I'm still going to leave you guys and finish this post with two pictures of me with these lovely kids, they're too adorable I can't stand not taking pictures with them.

I hope this post inspires you to do something similiar like this or even more to help others, I personally think you don't need to do something big and spectacular just to make others happy, it's just that little something that could light up their smiles and make them more deserving to be living in this seriously beautiful world.

Seriously I'm going to do more social acts, I'm so acting like a personal pope to myself MWAHAHA!

Love you guys to death! Shoo for now.

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