Introducing Lykee

If you are a follower on my Instagram, you'd probably know that I just "gave birth" to a baby boy doll named Lykee Dash Danial. I don't know why I named this Sonny Angel doll but he is just so cute!!! He is to die for and I've been looking for it forever here. A lot of online shops actually open its pre-order (some even offer you OPEN BOX) but since I never shop online in my life (either scared or not convinced), I choose to be more patient until I find it myself!

I did really pray to find it soon because I need them to be a part of eatandtreats because it will add up the cuteness level to overload. I was walking at Grand Indonesia because initially I wanted to go to the Market Museum which was being held there last Friday and just when I stepped inside, the very first booth actually sold these cute dolls, too bad they're blind box so what we're going to get is purely depends on luck. I was not really expecting for this loopear rabbit doll and I never knew that this one exists (LOL), I was hoping that I could get the pink eared rabbit, but this one is certainly super duper cute too and very adorable I'm so crazy in love!!! But if you own an online shop and willing to sponsor me with the pink eared rabbit I am very open! MWAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING LAH!

You know I can get seriously childish when it comes to loving something, especially something as cute as this. This is actually the very first time that I play doll and actually have it as my own!!!

I can't wait to show you photos of Lykee, I have been shooting him all day all night and these are not all, I can't spoil too many because some related to my upcoming blog posts and stay tuned because you might got the chance to win vouchers worth of 1 million from my sponsor, DO STAY TUNED.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you..


He has the cleanest-fluffiest-most kissable butt!

This one is actually the teaser of my upcoming blog post featuring one yummy cupcakes I found in Market Museum and I think it's worth to blog.

This one was taken at my intern office ( He fits the logo dummy so I thought why not take pictures there.

Another teaser!!! Lykee's posing at one of my new blog post location. One hint: it was at Kota Kasablanka, but can you guess the restaurant?

I love how Lykee fits all these vintage deco.

Yet another teaser <3

I was at Plaza Indonesia yesterday and I noticed that Axioo is having their babyaxioo exhibition, it's a mini exhibition but it's so pretty Lykee should take pictures here.

So from now on, Lykee will be a part of eatandtreats, he is just too cute for me and hopefully for you too handle so that you will be addicted with him HAHA!

Don't forget to follow my social networks for more photos of Lykee only if you want. Anyway what's with Mavensay? why is it such a hit lately? tons of people posted it on Instagram.

Shoo for now!