Luciole Bistro at Central Park

Last Saturday was such a happy day!!! Why?

Because two important girls in my life were having their birthday!!!

Before I start reviewing, I want to give this to Karina Astria for treating me and a few friends on her birthday at this new fancy restaurant in Central Park. I just want to greet you the coolest happiest loveliest life you can ever have and thank you for the friendship so far :). Friendship means the world.

Luciole Bistro is a brand new french themed restaurant opening in Central Park and it's located just across Nanny's Pavillon and Starbucks SOGO. I adore restaurants like this, like this by meaning that it has its own building, not parts of the mall interiors. I just love looking (and entering) fancy looking restaurants. This restaurant is pretty eye catching due to the lamps, especially by night.

Here are some photos of the exterior and interior to give you the idea of the restaurant so you won't get lost when you go here (which I'm pretty sure you won't).

 I love how hanging lamps look in a restaurant, they just add up the prettiness level to 100%.

Colored checkboards floor. Very vintage.

They also have a minibar inside, and oh yeah if you love to drink, this restaurant also serves you beers and cocktails or certain kinds of alcohol drinks, but if you prefer a lighter drink with no alcohol, you can also try their lovely mocktails or smoothies like I did!

Even though I didn't order any alcohol drinks (and I also dislike them), but I looked at their menu (which is very well designed), I still think that the drinks are still affordable.

This is their menu. I am a graphic design student and I just love a classy, in the same time fun looking menu design and this is certainly one of it, I love the blue color they're using right here. Daebak!

Another awesome illustration <3.

Okay I'm going to finish the opening and go straight to the food, because I know you guys love the food more than me :"( *overrated drama.

Let's start with my choice of food. I was torn between "Pan Seared Red Snapper" and this delicious looking burger. I was looking for something heavier because I haven't eaten anything since the lunch. Well, I end up choosing the burger eventually after I saw the servant took this dish out for other costumers.

Anyway, I want to say sorry for the pictures if they tend to have yellow tones, that's because I took the photos on dinner time with very low lights and my light source is probably the hanging lamps (which were yellow), see the picture above.

Luciole House Burger
IDR 60.000 (before tax)

Everything about the filling of this burger is so yummy, I just wish that the burger buns would be softer. I already told this issue to someone (not sure if she's a PR or the manager), who was very friendly and polite.

I wanna rape this burger my gosh!

This burger has eggs, gorgeous beef patty and fresh vegetables dressing. I kinda like the caramelized onion hidden underneath the egg, it adds something different to the dish. Somehow fits my asian tooth, you know when a burger gets too western.

Shanghai Moon
IDR 39.000 (before tax)

My choice of beverage, it's the mixture of fresh fruits and soda. LOVIN IT SO FRESH!

Spaghetti Carbonara
IDR 59.000 (before tax)

This pasta is good, but nothing really special, you can consider this one if you're planning to have pasta for your dinner.

Lobster Thermidor Spaghetti
IDR 74.000 (before tax)

You'll find a huge hint of lobster (and somehow crab) scent if your order this, and since I love seafood, I just feel like it actually adds up my sense of appetite :). On the other hand, the cream is also light but very tasty, this dish is also another worth to try menu. I personally like this one.

Pan Roasted Chicken with Potato Lasagna
IDR 55.000

I wanna rape this chicken!!! fffuuuu
and beside it's also the best presentation overall! Does it taste as gorgeous as it looks? YES!

I think da'bomb is the Potato Lasagna, it's just genius and I love the usage of cherry tomatoes and tomato sauce as garnish. The chicken is also well seasoned. I really hope you could try this for yourself.

Hot Honey Lemon Tea
IDR 27.500

What's a fancy dinner without a little touch of dessert?
We ordered this whole round of Apple Tart for us to share, this apple tart is also delicious, gotta give it to them for including one scoop of vanilla ice cream to make everything better.

Apple Tart
IDR 35.000 (before tax)

DELICIOUS! Y'all know how much I adore texture on a food! This dessert certainly got it, the crisp, the melts, the yum, the tenderness. I actually wanted to try their signature pie but I've had enough for that day. Maybe next visit I will. MELTS IN YA MOUTH!

The bill was IDR 490.000 for 4 heads.

Overall as conclusion, I think Luciole is a good newcomer to watch for, not only that it's located at one of the most crowded mall in Jakarta, it also has a cute medium size venue plus the great food, according to what I've tasted so far. I think this place is just perfect for dinner with your best friends or your lover, I suggest you to ask for a set near the window because you'll have Tribeca Park as your view, it can get seriously romantic.

Luciole Bistro
Tribeca at Central Park
Jl. Letjen S. Parman, 11470
Jakarta Barat

5 komentar:

  1. Couldn't agree more, the potato lasagna is a genius! The most enjoyable thing on the plate for me. The apple tart also looks so good, gotta try it soon. Nice review :D

    Natasha Pricilia

  2. Don't you think that Luciole house burger is quite expensive? I love burgers and beverages of all kind. Tea, coffee, softdrinks, juices, everything. However, eating too much of junk food is not good for health.

    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak

  3. Wow, we have very similar taste!

    Lobster Thermidor Spaghetti & Pan Roasted Chicken with Potato Lasagna are my personal favorite too while hubby & our parents adore their Mushroom Risotto, Aglio Olio Spaghetti & Godmother Noodle (Mie Kangkung). BTW, THAT Apple Tart looks awesome, gotta try it next time! We were quite full yesterday so only ordered the Warm Chocolate Cake & Carrot Cake, and both are HEAVENLY!

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