Pepper Lunch Luncheon

I'm going to review a restaurant that I bet need NO MORE introduction, if you're familiar or have even been eating on a hot stone plate, you must recognize this restaurant...without further introduction it is...


I'm going to tell you a little story, if you're a loyal reader of this blog, you must know that I am currently on internship at which is located at Palmerah Rd and Palmerah is only 10 minutes away from Senayan so I often have my lunch at either Plaza Senayan or Senayan City.

and FYI... my lunch costs more than my salary! I only get paid for IDR 25.000/day and sometimes I spend one whole week's salary for one lunch in a day, it's totally insane!!! However, still grateful for getting paid because some companies don't pay interns, when it comes to saving, it's almost impossible (don't forget that Senayan City has ChaTime, it even adds up my daily cost).

Forget it, let's don't talk about money here, it gets so personal MWAHAHAHA! Let's just focus on the food...PEPPER LUNCH for me is one of the best restaurants in Jakarta, it has everything and definitely superb taste, if you're assuming just because it's semi-fast food then you skip this from the fact that it is indeed gorgeous, don't even think about it!!! I have never seen one outlet where Pepper Lunch is not crowded, I even had to wait for around 20 minutes before I'm seated, that's commitment.

I bet most of you have eaten here before, these menus that I'm going to talk about here are worth to blog and some of you might/might not tasted it before. So prepare yourself for an ultimate foodgasm.

My pick for lunch was this super yummy Chicken Aglio Olio Spaghetti. I added one egg for perfection and upgrade it to a combo (with drink + desserts/soup) for another IDR 18.000 nett

Add up the total, this dish is IDR 81.000 but for me, it worths every penny.
This is the first time that I've ever tried Aglio Olio pasta on a hot plate, I thought the pasta will be stick on to the hot stone plate surface but it's not and it's actually very yummy after you added their magic soup and mix it together. However it's certainly going to taste more like fried-aglio olio, but it's a freakin good thing for me. I suggested you to add the honey soy sauce to the chicken and press it on the hot stone surface, it's going to add even more delicacy to it.

Salmon Teriyaki Steak
IDR 125.000 (already include one egg and drink)

This dish is filthily delicious!!! I love how they manage to cook the salmon to be very well seasoned and delicious and it's certainly also because of the magic sauce they're using.

Salmons drenched in the magic sauce.

Always have desserts after your main course! It will make you even happier!!! I had this yummy Matcha Ice Cream to match my sweet tooth, you can definitely feel the matcha and this one is light. Great choice after you have your big meal (since Pepper Lunch's portion is pretty big).

You can have this for IDR 13.000

and oh yeah, since Pepper Lunch is on the same group with Boga Group, you can also find those gorgeous desserts I posted from my food tasting at Ten Ten Restaurant. Link HERE.
FYI I was rewarded with IDR 200k voucher because of my writing *clear throats*. God blessed me with chance to explore great food in this world and make you jealous share with it you guys!

At least for once, you must try Pepper Lunch, I recommend the salmon teriyaki steak for you to try.

Thank you for reading <3.

Pepper Lunch
Jl. Asia Afrika 8, 10270
3rd fl Unit 318 C. 

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