Tom Tom Grand Indonesia Jakarta

Lately I have been noticing a quite rapid growth of Thai restaurants in Jakarta comparing to last year, and honestly they're packaged in very interesting 'physique', sure you can see from the outlets. Appearance wise, this particular restaurant is clearly not bad, as in for the food, well you should keep on reading, but first, let me introduce you to Tom Tom!

Tom Tom is located in the 5th floor of Grand Indonesia, which currently is the 'it' spot for food lovers and there are so many new restaurants opening on the floor (plus it opens till late). Located just near the newly opened Mangia, it's just the perfect noticable spot facing the escalator. The interior rings minimalist and in a way, urban and still modern with wood materials applied all over the outlet and hand drawn illustration decorating the walls.

Won't be long with the opening, for some reasons I am quite tired right now. PHOTOS!

Left: Lychee Ginger Ice Tea (IDR 30k), Right: Thai Spring Ice Tea (IDR 28k)
The Lychee Ginger Ice Tea was surprisingly pretty good and refreshing, the Thai Spring Ice Tea I didn't try but my friend said it was ok.

Left: Thai Tamarind Ice Tea (IDR 30k), Right: Thai Iced Tea (IDR 30k)
Their take on Thai Iced Tea was good but no different than the ones I had in most restaurants serving this particular beverage, the Taramind Ice Tea was pleasant with just the right amount of sourness.

Yam Ma Muang
IDR 38k (Calamari), 48k (Shrimp)
I was honestly expecting a more balanced flavor of this particular dish because the sourness was a little more dominant, however the Calamari was deep fried nicely and seasoned lightly.

Kwetiau Tom Yum
IDR 48k
When it comes to Thai cuisine, Tom Yum is surely not to miss, for me, it's like the standard of Thai food and I am always up for how restaurants translate their own version of Tom Yum. I honestly think that Tom Tom's take on Tom Yum was pretty good, overall it was a tad spicy (which was good), the sourness level was refreshing and the portion as well as the seafood was quite generous for that price.

Pad Ke Mao
IDR 48k
From all the courses I tried during the day, this was the friggin bomb! I LOVED everything about this particular dish, the flavor was very vibrant, the seafood was generous, I love how the wok hei aroma spread around the meal, but gotta warn you that this one was really spicy, but in a way, the spiciness really help evolved the overall flavor. Must try!

Keng Kewan Kai
IDR 58k
For those who don't know, this one was actually a Green Curry dish and this one was very creamy (honestly I found it a little heavy) in the soup consistency but very tasty! The chicken was cooked to perfection and still was very tender and juicy. I do think that you should have this with rice to balance out the creamy texture of the curry.

Khao Op Sapparot
IDR 48k
This dish was actually a Pineapple fried rice but to be frank, this was a total disappointment. As you can see for yourself, plain as hell, well the flavor was quite bland too and I couldn't find even a little hint of the pineapple flavor in it, but honestly did you guys know why is it so plain looking? It's because... the cook forgot (yes they told me that) to put in the seafood inside. Funny enough when we confronted this, the waiter only told us that the cook was new (wtf) and didn't even offer to recook this until around 15 minutes later they took the later untouched plate put aside, honestly, a complete turn off, especially since you probably know I am very strict (and quite bitchy) when it comes to service matter.

As someone who's very into Asian food, I was honestly expecting some courses to meet my expectation. The Tom Yum and the Pad Ke Mao did a very good job, and to be fair the pineapple fried rice needs a lot of work. I didn't say that the food here was bad, not at all, only that I couldn't find the WOW factor in each of the food and they should really live up the service I beg!!! As in for pricing, I think the food here is affordable.

Thank you Tom Tom for coming and bring your own 'colors' to the Thai food scene in Jakarta. Best of luck!

Tom Tom
Grand Indonesia 5th fl. (West Mall) Unit ED2 2A
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
021 - 2358 0412