Postcards From London!

Hi everyone! The past couple of days (and days to come) have been the happiest I've been along April and probably in my life, but I wouldn't use the term "ever" because I believe there will be more in my life to come, well it's okay to wish tho :). If you've been reading this blog and following my Instagram, you should know that I am currently in London, United Kingdom! 21 hours flight, a jet lag and a missing luggage (yes my luggage was missing) later, they were worth it because literally once I stepped out of the airport I noticed that...

even only from the Heathrow and around.

I am torn along telling you the whole story because I just don't like the idea of using 'was' here because London is still super duper beautiful in my eyes, everything is so Victorian, vintage (especially the buildings), and the people turned out to be quite nice (none of that racist crap I heard from some), it just has been mesmerizing, especially for a first timer.

I am totally lying if for once didn't I compare London to Jakarta, well in a way, each country has their positives and negatives. I love London for their weather, environment and the whole city organization but I love Jakarta more for guess what? The food. Not that the food in London is terrible, totally not, in fact some were really good, it's just that this Asian tounge of mine demanded something bolder. As in for the traffic, pretty much the same LOL.

Okay, I am starting to spoil you more stories than I intended to... time for PHOTOS!

Not giving you a lot of shots for this entry because they should be sweet surprises, but for the last three days I have been visiting Shoreditch (where I am currently staying), Broadway Market, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square...and more to come because I am staying for five more days here!

There's something gorgeous about the light in the UK, so bright but in the same time soft and smooth.

What's claimed to be THE BEST burger in London.

Almost everyone in London looks so bloody rich!

The magnificent Oxford Street! One of my most favorite areas in London.

Stay tuned for the whole story! Follow my Instagram for the daily updates <3.