Three Buns Burger and Heads Jakarta

This is personally one of the most anticipated restaurants and it's now finally opening for public just yesterday and yours truly of course managed to fit his way to the early days! Ladies and gentlemen say hi to this new joint in the Senopati neighborhood:

Three Buns Burger and Heads Jakarta!

Again and again, a new restaurant opening in the hip urban area, Senopati, Senopati is obviously the 'it' area when you want to look out for great places to eat and it's such a sheer joy that Three Buns is making its debut in Jakarta here, frankly speaking, just the perfect neighborhood!

Three Buns is being brought here to Jakarta by the Potato Head group (PTT Family), and they're having another branch in Singapore in May. I guess the name told you everything already right? Yes they serve only Burger dishes here (six variants to choose). Frankly speaking, I was honestly stunned both in a good and not so granted ways when I first stepped my feet to the restaurant, it's because the interior was simply beautiful and minimalist with majority wood applied for the seating, the dining area was actually more like a tower instead of the common dining setting, totally not what I expected before and it was a pleasant surprise. You'll notice a van when you enter the restaurant and the van was actually functioned as the cashier area. The not so pleasant experience was more for the weather wise, since the roof was transparent, the sun strike like laser and it was just very humid! So very humid I notice almost everyone fanning themselves.

I came around 12 and the sun was probably on its hardest, warning for everyone who want to take pictures of food here (including me) because the sun was a bit tricky here, some area could be 'attacked' with hard sun light or got no sun at all, kinda hard to explain it you go here to know what I mean!

On the other hand, still stunned by how pretty and bright the place was. TOUR!

I ordered their signature burger, "Baby Huey", initially wanted to try their "Four Floors" with two stacks of Beef Patty, double cheese ZOMG and triple onions but I could simply faint of fullness after that! You need to know that Three Buns is applying the "self-service" method here so starting from the order to the pick-up you're going to do it yourself, but they easen up for you because you're going to be given a number (indicating what order number you are) and there is the number-board hanging and when your number starts blinking, that means your order is ready!

Burgers and fries might not be the most photogenic dish but when they're at their must-unphotogenic, they're simply at their best!

Baby Huey + Sherbie Hancock 
IDR 95k, IDR 30k
This particular burger consist of 150gr beef patty, bespoke artisan buns and generous and I mean really generous dressings! The homemade sauce was slow-cooked and it really lived up the overall flavor, almost BBQ-ish with a little tanginess, it was just very tasty, bold without overpowering it in a bad state. The meat was cooked to perfection, FYI the default cooking level for the meat is medium, but you can custom it how you want it. The buns were perfectly soft probably the best bun consistency I've tried so far. Overall it was a pretty satisfying portion.

The beverage was pretty refreshing and I just love the sourness from the lemonade. Simply good.

Naughty Fries
IDR 45k
The fries here are not the common lean cuts, more like various shapes but I feel like that's the quality of it and I was just fond of the consistency. The Bearnaise sauce and minced beef chili made the overall flavor a little more vibrant, tangy, BBQ-ish and spicy, but the parmesan cheese kinda tone it down a bit. This just worth a try.

I must say I had an awesome time dining here, Three Buns dining concept was supposedly for take-away orders (during the day, seats originally will be available on 5 PM) but hereby I beg the team to think it over (especially today when some people walked out because they could only 'take-away'), it's just because the experience and vibe of eating the delicious burgers won't be the same when it's taken away no matter how humid the place is and especially if you care about the photo-purpose. As in for pricing, I personally think it's a little hefty for one portion of burger, fries and beverage, I spent around IDR 200k for just 'this', but after having the meal, it kinda worth the money I spent :).

Come come come, I have the psychic ability and I believe this burger joint will be crowded soon!

Three Buns - Burger and Heads
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 90
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 - 2930 7780
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 12 PM

6 komentar:

  1. That is brilliant! Thanks for sharing your experience. I look forward to visiting and tasting the burger and fries someday soon.

  2. I went there last week and cannot stop thinking about it ever since =) Yummy!

  3. i thought that your blog was supposed to tell your honest opinion about a restaurant, but guess its not after all (cause seeing your other posts of some other restaurant which i've been, the food was only okay). i went to three buns once and frankly saying i would never want to go for the second time, the burgers was just okay and for that price i could have twice better taste than that, and the chicken wings was horrible and the naughty fries was only a stereotype fries. and apparently im not the only one who feel that three buns is just okay, bunch of my friends went there and 8 out of 10 doesn't feel like going there for the second time.

    1. I think it's just the matter of consistency, went here with fellow foodies just two days after they open and they ALL said it's the best gourmet burger (at least that time) and if you read other reviews, pricing wise, kinda of high, but as in for the flavor I don't have any responsibility and quality control, whatever I wrote was purely my experience at that time, I didn't get paid and I wouldn't change a thing I wrote. If on my second visit I found the burger's quality downgrading, I'll forward this to the owner. Thanks :D.

    2. It's quite disappointing when such a promising place fails to be consistent, I think it's a downfall of many places. I went there last weekend during off peak hours, and the overall experience was just "meh". Our food took ages to come out and when it did, everything was cold. Frankly for the price point, I'd much rather go next door to Momo!

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