Eric Kayser Jakarta

Usually I am very tardy with my blog posts but this time sure won't! I have been waiting, waiting, waiting and eventually super excited with this particular bakery that I visited this just today and couldn't wait to spread the happy news for you all!

First store in Jakarta and it's located on the third level of Plaza Senayan! Now this is happy news.

I have been expecting this to open because those fun French patisseries brought to Jakarta are such feasts for the eyes and tummies! After Paul successfully captured a lot of hearts with their filthy delicious creations, now I believe Eric Kayser will also win a lot of hearts! Well I could tell from how crowded the place was during my visit today.
The venue was not huge because half of the area was already executed for pastries (cakes) display (FYI they look very appetizing), I am such a sucker for pastries I droll over that glass display! I came here during the night and sadly some of the cakes that I initially wanted and stalked were out of stock :(. By the way, this particular Eric Kayser outlet didn't only sell pastries, it's also a restaurant, therefore they're actually "Le Restaurant Du Boulanger" which means the restaurant and Boulangerie, as for the mains, they serve French courses with decent range but I didn't try it because if you follow my Instagram, I just finished my dinner at Marutama. Freaking full man!!! But there's always rooms for desserts!

Hail the holy breads!

I ended up ordering two treats for my almost-full-tummy, they were Pistachio Eclair (IDR 45k) and Pain Au Chocolat (IDR 22k). I was expecting the Pain Au Chocolat to be way crunchier and flakier for the coating, I don't know whether it has been sitting there for hours along with the external air pressure but if this could go crunchier, I die... despite the lack of crunchiness, I must say that the inner part of the Pain Au Chocolat was pretty moist and the chocolate was superb, it was rich, on the perfect consistency and sweetness. The filling was heavenly delicious.

On the other hand, the Pistachio Eclair was already such a foodporn for the eye and it went all the way... it was just perfect for me, the consistency of the eclair was nice, it was chewy and moist and the consistency was balanced really well, FYI, I am not a big fan of hard and dry eclair pastry (coating). The green layer you see on the top had this sticky texture and pistachio aroma to it while the bomb was none other the pistachio cream! It was gloriously delicious and addicting, the cream was light in texture, but the pistachio flavor was pretty rich. I honestly have no negative comment for this particular one.

A little teaser on Instagram apparently could make a beautiful 'riot', it's exciting to see how many people were excited to go here. Service wise, the staffs were really friendly and attentive in taking orders. I remember Paul was not the most pleasant when it comes to the service but they're now improving so that's good. I just have a little suggestion that the team would want to hear, I guess it will be better if they have this more closed display for their pastries because logically I honestly think that pastries do have the urge to be soggy, especially when they have direct contact with the air from outside, so I guess if they could have a cabinet to place their pastries to prevent direct contact, that would be lovely and I believe the pastries would be even more beautiful.

Will come back for more pastries and mains, got a positive feeling that THERE WILL BE UPDATES! Telling you it ain't over!

Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger
Plaza Senayan 3rd fl.
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270
Opening Hours: 09.30 AM - 10 PM

4 komentar:

  1. Udah cobain.. Tapi enggak sebagus yang di-review nih ternyata.. Rotinya keras, dan enggak tempting..

  2. kalo yang european bread emang keras2, tapi kalo yang croissant emang bener2 enak.. apalagi almond croissant.. abis gajian mau kesana lagi buat beli eclairnya...

  3. To be honest, the eclair is not that good in my taste. Just had a dinner here on last Saturday and may not be back for some.