Mad For Garlic might not be a new player in the game, but after 4 years since it was first introduced to the Jakarta public, it is still going strong as one of the most sought after Italian restaurants in Jakarta.

As far as I can remember, I think I’ve been to Mad For Garlic (MFG) for about three times, couldn’t exactly remember the number, but I sure can remember that every visit was a bliss. Mad For Garlic is an Italian restaurant originated in South Korea, when you actually see the restaurant, the image of South Korea had never crossed my mind and became my first instinct, just because the design seemed very Western. They currently have 39 outlets in whole South Korea alone! 39 outlets in one single country, hmm... simply a good reason to try it.
I had lunch at Mad For Garlic around last month and I figured I just needed to make a blog post out of my splendid experience (woo did I just spill the whole post :p). MFG is located beside the newly opened Olivier, it might look small from the outside, but once you stepped inside, it is actually quite spacious, nicely furnished and quite dark with dim lights, but in a way I found it awesome in creating the warm and kind of romantic ambiance, walk further and you’ll find sections with better lighting. The whole venue kind of reminded me of a classy English restaurant “wrapped” in red, maroon and red-velvet color, simple, proper and not-overdone.

The menu selections are quite extensive. Since MFG is an Italian restaurant, you’re going to find Italian menus such as pastas, pizzas, steaks and even rice. Realizing that you wandering in a restaurant called Mad For Garlic, why not try their Garlic menus?

Mad For Garlic Cobb Salad
Mad For Garlic’s take on the classic Cobb salad was such beautiful attempt, Cobb salad consist of chopped greens (romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, endives, watercress), chicken, cheddar cheese and tomatoes. The vinegar dressing was very light, but the freshness of the ingredients already speaks for themselves. Worth trying.

Garlic Snowing Pizza
Hands down this is the must try pizza! Perfectly cooked thin crust pizza with generous garlic toppings, shrimp and pineapple cuts. What I love about the flavor was that it had this beautiful balance of savory and sweet, it’s just so balance it’s very addictive and I literally couldn’t stop myself from having it.
Additional grated cheese topping just how you like it!
The Mad Mexi Nacho Pizza
I don’t think you can find a lot of nacho pizzas in town, if I’m not mistaken, I think it was my first time trying Nacho Pizza and I was sold even on the first look! The pizza was very appetizing with that popping red color, nachos chips and fragrant pizza, the highlight must be the fresh salsa sauce that comes with the pizza.

Garlicpeno Pasta
I am a hardcore pasta fan, or any pasta that’s actually in the “noodle” form like spaghetti, fettucinne, angel hair or linguini. One of my most favorite menus from Mad for Garlic is called the Garlicpeno Pasta, this is actually their take on the good old Aglio Olio, only this one had a lot garlic in it. Ingredient wise, very simple and only two major ingredients here: spaghetti and garlic, but there’s something about the firmness of the pasta and the seasoning of this dish that were spectacular. This is without any doubt, one of the most beautiful pasta I’ve ever had in life so far.
Spicy Lobster and Shrimp Pasta
MFG’s Spicy lobster and shrimp pasta is a total must try! The pasta might be spicy, but I am totally fine with it since I love spicy food and theirs was very acceptable (for me), the lobster, shrimp and tobiko (flying fish roe) was generously given for a portion, the seasoning was great, pasta’s cooked al-dente and I love that extra fragrance.
Dancing Salsa Rice with Beef
Their dancing salsa rice was actually a rice dish cooked in a hot plate, the highlight of this dish has got to be the beef, it was very juicy, tender and chewy and overall with very light seasoning. I love the fact that most of the dish that I tried on my lunch had the quality of the ingredients already speaking for themselves.
Banana Chocolate Pizza
Thin crust pizza with generous chocolate spread and banana topping, ice cream and dressed in homemade caramel sauce for more guilty pleasure! Now this is a pizza dessert.

My lunch was very enjoyable, the food was great and genuine, I literally don’t have any negative things to say. I happen to realize that we’re already in July and as I took some time to flashback to this year’s posts, I haven’t even found 5 that really deserves to be on my best restaurant 2014 list, butMad For Garlic certainly fits my criteria and I’d be more than happy to announce that they’re a strong candidate to be on the list! J

Before this post ends, I have some good news for you: Mad For Garlic is managed by the same peeps who manage Tony Roma’s and I heard you’re eligible to 10% discount when you show your TR card, so bring that always!!!


Go to this LINK to redeem your IDR 100k vouchers!!! Print the vouchers, read the T&C carefully and they’re valid until August 31st 2015 so HURRY UP!

Mad For Garlic
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town GF West Mall #20A (beside Olivier)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
021 - 2358 1076
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM, 12 AM on weekends
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 500k
WiFi: Yes!


Map for Grand Indonesia

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