I mentioned on my previous post just how big this year is for coffee, and NOW ANOTHER ONE!

After terrific success of Ombe Kofie followed by yet another successful Southern sibling, Djule Kofi, they are finally opening their third coffee shop, or should I say cafe? MAARKEZE in Grand Indonesia, and as this entry is posted, I just went there a few hours ago for a brunch date with my dear friend, Yenny from Yenny Makan Mulu <3
Their grand opening was on the September 28th, but I skipped their invitation sent to me on my Instagram (as I privated my message tab and don't check them often enough) and I was still in Bangkok and just arrived very-very recently (postcards from Bangkok coming very soon). Maarkeze is located inside the Central department store on the 1st floor and located around the well-known Social House, I suggest coming from East Mall and make your way via escalator from Uniqlo or NOMZ as it's easier to access.

The scent of new spot = the fresh scent of flowers!
 Maarkeze powered by Ombe Kofie, I forgot to ask what Maarkeze means, but I will update this post once I know, or maybe you know? Drop 'em below!
The design and ambiance of Maarkeze was totally different comparing to Ombe or Djule, it was overall a bit more dimmed with warm tone as it's located inside a shoppng mall and a bit of industrial details but still very homey. The cafe wasn't exactly spacious and could accomodate probably as many as 30 people maximum (including the seats at their coffee bar). I mentioned that Maarkeze was more to the cafe side comparing to previous successors as it's finally their first outlet which served proper all day breakfast and brunch menu. Range of the food might not be ultra-various, but they seemed pretty good just by looking at their menu.
PS: We both shared three food menus here, but Ajie and Jojo happened to make two of them free complimentaries for us upon payment (thank you very much guys). Price range for the food here is around 60k-70k with range varying from Crostini/Toast, Sandwich and Mini Pizza. Anyway, pizzas are available a little later than both crostini and sandwich on a daily basis around lunch time.
Original White - IDR 45k
Expect to find selections of coffees like the following: Espresso, Double Espresso, Macchiato, Black, Lungo, Mini White (available in double), Regular White (available in double), Filter V60/Kalita, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Panama Geisha white price ranging from IDR 30k-125k.

Flavor wise? Hey it's basically like having Djule Kofi only in a completely different set, and Djule is one of my most favorite coffee shops in town, so it's definitely good. The regular white was light but still pretty much bodi-ed with subtle and clean finish that I really like!
Iced Salted Caramel White - IDR 55k
This was recommended by Ajie and it was a very good one, even though I was expecting more hints of salty flavor from the salted caramel. I really like the combination on this one as it did not end up tasting cheap with the bold coffee flavor still dominating this drink. If you love sweet coffees than this one is for you. Thank you for the recommendation!
Cold Brew Nitro - IDR 50k
This is the highlight beverage menu here and ONLY AVAILABLE IN MAARKEZE, Jojo told me that this Cold Nitro Brew has been very popular among women. In a glance, this looks like a coffee beer with the with foam on top of it and flavor wise, I really like this one as it had this really nice and balanced mild-rich coffee flavor, not too acid for my liking! I personally am not a big fan of cold brews but this is seriously very nice you might convert after this one.
Tuna Crostini - IDR 60k
The sourdough they're using for their crostinis and how well they cooked it made it such a perfect toast base with this crunchy and moist consistency and as a base for the other toppings in this dish such as tuna (of course), boiled egg, mayonnaise, cucumber pickles and shredded cheese. Overall, I find myself liking the tuna version more than the chicken avocado (read below), the seasoning was spot on and as an avid rocket leaves fan, I appreciate their generosity in giving much on a single serving. YUM!
Chicken Avocado Crostini - IDR 60k
This has the potential to be very good actually, but I just wasn't a big fan of the avocado cream cheese ,not that it's cheesy (in fact, it's not that cheesy - and you know I am not a big cheese fan), but the texture wasn't too appealing for my palate, I prefer the mashed avocado better to be honest.
Smoked Chicken Pesto - IDR 70k
Their smoked chicken pesto sandwich on the other hand was simple but nice, the Rye bread was grilled nicely with semi-crunchy coating and moist all the way to the middle and inside you'll find condiments such as smoked chicken, rocket leaves (YAS MORE), pesto spread, pickles and mayonnaise. The chicken was tender and something about cheese and rocket leaves that meant to be together as the aroma and that unique rocket leave flavor was something that I was most fond of, the pesto sauce dressing was nice but I would have wanted more!
Good coffee, good food (I would love to see more options in the future), if you're specialty coffee people you might cheer their existence as finally there's a good artisan coffee shop in Grand Indonesia. Good luck and pack them this weekend!!!


Central Dept. Store - 1st fl
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall East Mall
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k (with food)
Dresscode: Casual


Map for Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

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