Hello precious! How are you guys doing? Hello, to everyone out there reading this right now behind your computer or phone screen, answer me!

So I literally just arrived at home and if you've been following me on my social medias, I just came back from a super fun media trip to Da Nang, Vietnam with Air Asia and as usual, I am always excited to share my travel stories with you very soon, the thing is, I have more than a thousand pictures to sort out and edit so if you can give me a few days that would be awesome!
In general, I found Vietnam, especially Da Nang to be a potential travel destination and slightly underrated for its existence, if you know where to go and how to explore it, you'll fall in love with the city just like I did, and my love for Da Nang grows more and more every single day throughout the trip and I was a bit sad to leave today, the fact that there are so many things waiting to be explored should be the main reason for me to come back to Vietnam and spend more days!

Just like most media familirization trip, itinerary is scheduled by the Air Asia team and I must admit that I don't really have the chance to explore the food scene, but rest assure as I still have some good ones that I managed to cover yay!
Ok I am getting excited about writing the Da Nang travel diary but in the meantime I have these unpublished (and some were) pictures taken using my camera and mobile phone that I like from the trip and thought I might share you some postcards from Da Nang, Vietnam!
Went to the Marble Mountains on the first day <3
When in Vietnam, eat Pho (rice noodle with various condiments) and Bun Bo Hue (beef noodle soup)
Meet my new friend, Abby aka Musanggala
When the lavender garden meets the queen of the clouds!
As soon as I stepped my feet on the French Village, I literally felt like I wasn't in Vietnam, it's really medieval-European with just the precise smell & weather on the spring. The whole area was so nicely designed I want to live in this small village and raise two dogs.
I saw quite a few couples doing pre-wedding photoshoot here, the gloomy surrounding really gave that extra touch of romantic feel to the photos.
Visited Da Nang's famous hot spring recreation center, here you can also experience Japanese onsen!
I HOPE YOU'RE ALL PUMPED UP! See you guys very soon on the first Vietnam travel series and the guide!