Earlier today I got invited to attend the opening of Cupbop Korean BBQ at Gandaria City shopping mall in South Jakarta. The event was attended by so many foodie friends (didn't have the chance to catch up with all of them but if you're reading this you know I am saying hi to you through this post :D).
Interior still dominated with majority black and yellow color
If you're a stranger to Cupbop, it's a refreshing yet one of a kind concept of Korean BBQ in a cup originated from the USA and founded by three Koreans who live and studied in Utah, United States. It all started with a food truck and its existence was rapidly broadcasted by the fans and the truck was famous in a relatively short time (I watched the video at the opening today through this TV they set up and saw how people there were so excited about Cupbop!), soon enough they finally set up a semi-permanent spot aside from releasing more food trucks on the road.

Their Gandaria City outlet happens to be the second with the first being in Living World. I noticed that they served pork dishes back in the USA but here they only serve beef and chicken dishes (too bad).

Six of their best selling menus (all over rice)!
B-bop (Korean BBQ beef), Toc Toc Bop (Korean soy fried chicken), Chi Chi Bop (Korean spicy fried chicken), Kko Kko Bop (Korean BBQ chicken), Doochi Bop (tofu and kimchi stir fry), and Noodle Bop (Korean japchae)
Quick scan of their menu and being a Korean restaurant itself, they emphasize on selling simple and delicious Korean food such as Kimchi, Korean BBQ Beef, Korean Fried Chicken (soy and spicy), Japchae, Mandu (dumpling) with various toppings that you can choose and the level of spiciness that you can adjust (from level 1-10).

Level 1-7 consist of spicy mayo sauce, it's either you like mayo or you are a lactose intolerant (I suggest skip or ask for dairy-free sauce)

If you love more options on your bowl, they also have the combo set which allows you to choose two different toppings on a single serving with reasonable pricing.
The numbers you're seeing represents the level of spiciness on each bowl with 1 being the mildest and 10 the spiciest!
Now here's how they made mine! I ordered the level 5 Combo set of BBQ beef + Korean soy fried chickenTheir three main sauces are the Bulgogi sauce, Lime Mayonnaise, and Spicy Mayonaisse. Lime mayonnaise and Bulgogi sauce will be drizzled for all level, level 2-7 is where they adjust the spicy mayo sauce, while level 8 and above is where they will put more hot sauce to increase the spiciness!
All orders are made to order to keep the freshness and it took less than 5 minutes for the meal ready to be served. After doing the simple plating they dressed my meal with their sauces and sesame (on request)
VOILA it's mine! It's simple, delicious and fuckin hassle free.
Mentioned above that they also have Mandu (Korean dumpling), and here they have the fried version with generous meat filling. The skin was crunchy with moist and flavorful filling.
Even though I didn't try every single thing, but based on my own order, it was actually nowhere near bad and I enjoy the refreshing concept. Tho I like the good ol Korean grill better and this type of dish is not something that I will consistently crave for (personal preference), but I honestly find their existence refreshing to the scene! Best of luck, Cupbop!


Cupbop Gandaria City
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 
Kebayoran Lama - Jakarta Selatan 12240
Opening Hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 120kDresscode: Casual


Map for Gandaria City

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