It was a quality time for my family as we went to the opening of the mall and spent some time in both Neo Soho and Central Park (as they have this connecting sky bridge), both the shopping malls are located in the Podomoro City complex in West Jakarta.
They have this NEO Experience space where customers are free to enter and relax inside while "accompanied" with fashion arts from Sofie and Sav Lavin.
You can get this connecting bridge shot from the fourth floor.
If you ask me what's the main difference between Central Park and Neo Soho and why are they located close to one another? Well it's mainly because both the malls are built by the same developer (Agung Podomoro group), but it's the size and concept that differentiate them. Central Park is one of the largest shopping malls in Jakarta, and Neo Soho is smaller, a little more urban-segmented, youthful but fit families as well. Overall, I find myself liking the design of the mall, it's just simple without being pretentious.

Since they're still on their soft-opening days, construction is still happening and little details are being touched up, I would say they're 25 more percent from being finished.

This post is going to be a photo tour, NOT review - I don't freaking review malls.
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CENTRAL DEPARTMENT STORE IS OPENING HERE!!! It's a high end department store from Thailand which first opened in Grand Indonesia, it sells a lot of high end fashion items, make-ups, home amenities, bed linen and more!
As for the tenants, I see that they're adding more touch of local brands and establish fashion spaces like "District One" & "Moejoe Man" where you can shop for various fashion items like clothings, accessories, eyewear to Batik outfit. Fashionable watch enthusiasts should be thrilled of knowing that The Watch Co also opens here.
There was an event happening at Our Daily Dose, a concept store mostly focusing on fashion.
Tanamera pop up coffee booth! They gave me an iced cap as complimentary.
As a foodie myself, one of the things that I should love about Neo Soho is their Open Kitchen, which is a nicely designed food court (almost cafe like) located on the fourth floor where you can find yet again, local establishments. It literally feels like you're in a food court/bazaar with various stuff to choose starting from light bites, main courses to desserts.

List of food tenants that's opening and will be opening in short time (as this post is written): Born Ga, Chef Tony's, Coco Ichibanya, Go!Curry, Gyu-Kaku, Hejo-Hejo, Holycow!, Imperial Lamian, Kkuldak, Marugame Udon, Pablo Cheesecake, PappaJack, Kitchen by Pizza hut, Provence bakery, Rejuve, Rotiboy, Shaburi, Wendys and Sanukiseimen Mugimaru.
Open Kitchen dining area
Two stories below the Ground, you can go and find more restaurants like Pizza Hut, Marugame Udon, Shaburi (I had dinner here last night), Imperial Lamian, Kkuldak and many more! Pablo Cheesecake is opening here as well!

The Rotiboy queue, they're having the buy one get one promotion.
Kkuldak love <3
So glad that Shaburi now has their Tom Yum soup damnit!!!!!
The bridge light will illuminate at night creating a beautiful sparkling path to walk on <3
Looking forward to what they have in store after everything else is ready and open. They are currently building the largest shopping mall indoor aquarium on their LG level and automatically becomes the first and largest one to date (rumor has it that the construction will finish on December 2016). Don't forget to come and take a 360 degree picture at the Life At 360 where your profile will be taken with 360 degree camera with direct upload to the mall's Instagram account.
Photos are taken using iPhone and my Sony compact cameras