First of all, special thanks to my sister @yennymakanmulu for kindly queueing for this trending drink and disclaimer: this won't exactly be a full review of the newly opened King Mango in Neo Soho, only my two cents of their drink.
Yenny did wait for almost two hours to get her hands on these, I personally never really want to wait for something that long unless I am highly curious about certain things, when I first look at these pictures flowing on my Instagram, I just knew that I had to get this right away and this morning Yenny texted me saying that she's at Neo Soho queueing for this and asked me whether I want one, of course I did!!!
I heard they were having the promotion days where each cup was sold for IDR 40k and as for today, it's now back to their normal price (IDR 50k), I really didn't expect that each cup would be THAT large. To be frank, I didn't finish everything and left almost 1/2 of the cup because I was very bloated, if you're not a big eater/drinker, get one and share for two.
So was it really THAT good and worth the hype? Mango is easily one of my most favorite fruits (if not my favorite) as beverage, I think the hype comes with the territory tho, it's a newly opened spot and there's just the thing with new places and good promotion, but I honestly don't think I would EVER queue 2 hours just to get what technically is a mango juice, a mango puree with thick sweet cream in between and topped chunky mango slices and mango sorbet.

I don't know how to properly drink this, is it to have it just like that? or you mix everything together first? To be fair, I did try both ways and I found that after I mixed everything together, I like the balance of everything better. One thing that I expected was actually that hint of sour for an extra refreshing touch on my palate, it was just mainly monotone and plain sweet.

Overall, I think I like Hong Kong Cafe's "Mango King" better, in terms of elements and flavor.
Mango King
LG fl. Neo Soho Mall Jakarta
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28
Tanjung Duren Selatan, Grogol Petamburan
Jakarta Barat 11470
Each cup: IDR 50k

Map for Neo Soho

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