Last night I was invited to come to the private viewing of Lewis and Carroll's latest venture, their flower market in collaboration with Atelier Fleuri and it officially opens for public TODAY at Central Grand Indonesia UG fl, special thanks to Edward and Natasha for having me last night.
I used to dream about cafes with "Aoyama Flower Market" vibe to it since I really-really love that cafe and it's always in my Tokyo must visit list, and the dream is sort of coming true thanks to this collaboration, to be completely frank technically they're not the first florist-cafe in town but theirs is the closest to my personal taste, not to mention the touch of rustic and how they put the combination of 'tea' and 'flower' as the main highlights. Nope I won't be talking about every single flowers that's available for sale here or the complete details of tea that they're having, the private viewing last night included several tea sampling and a dinner set (which I didn't take because I was freaking full). I never had unpleasant experience when it comes to their teas and I love how they always give informative details to tea newbies like me including which tea to choose in case you want to have the chilled teas, and about their flowers, they will change their collection at times to add more 'colors' and vary in options.
This post will be more like a gallery post of things that I managed to capture during my visit here last night. Enjoy and if you have further questions drop them below or as usual, DM me on Instagram.
Some of the flowers here are imported for quality adjustment and to be frank I was pretty shocked when I saw the price tag and how they sold certain flowers in a bunch to be that cheap. Anyway if you happen to see the word 'a bunch' here that means per 5 pieces!
Beautiful dried flowers
It's kind of them that they actually allowed us invites to choose the hand bouquet as souvenirs!
Pink flowers say what!
To be completely frank, my first time seeing Rose Cappuccino <3
Pink babybreaths are the prettiest! Seriously a lot of too pretty eye candies here!!!
Cotton flowers that I overly abused for my Instagram related photos!
Another generosity of theirs, they also gave us the freedom to choose the terrarium to bring home!
Opted for this one, pretty ait??
For those who wonder yes they still serve food here, and expect to find new sweet and savory menus that differ from their first outlet in Jalan Bumi and talk about their interior design, I feel  like both are pretty equal when it comes to they homeyness each offers but the vibe was so much different, I like their first outlet better since I love minimalist open space white venue but this one was certainly beautiful too, overall still very minimalist, neat and clean!
Flowers and pretty overdosed but I don't mind! A very vibey place where you can have simple comfort food, tea time over good cakes and together treating your eyes with the beautiful flowers selections that you can take home too! Flowers and good tea what's not to love?! The best of luck to both Lewis and Carroll and Atelier Fleuri!

Central Dept. Store - UG fl
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall East Mall
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k (with food)
Dresscode: Casual


Map for Grand Indonesia

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