As this post is written and at the very moment, Japanese cheesecake is seriously the biggest food trend there is right now, in just months there are more than 10 new cheesecake brands, mainly local brands and several established foreign franchise, but as I look around, none has created this concept and they are the first to bring the molten cheesecake on the table! Say hi to one of my favorites: KIBO!

KIBO is one of the ones with physical outlet and they're located at Dotonburi PIK Avenue, they kicked off their business from a small online shop to expanding the business with an outlet that I notice myself has been doing great since the opening. I have been to Dotonburi for around 4 times so far and everytime my head turned to see how Kibo's doing, there was always queue, and for good reasons they deserve it because aside from the happening trend, I think their product is worth trying, they stand between being the pioneer and being one of the best.

I have some friends who highly raved about this as one of the best cheesecakes they've ever had in their life.

An open kitchen is installed at their outlet and passers can freely see the live production, the scent of the freshly baked cheesecake will strongly linger around the outlet, such sweet delicious scent.
Soft surface!
Their two best-sellers: Original (left), Matcha (right)
Original Molten Cheesecake - IDR 175k (whole)
At the moment, their cheesecakes are available in two flavors: Original Molten Cheesecake and Matcha cheesecake, and their cheesecake consist of five different types of cheese resulting this creamy velvety fragrant cheesecake that's light in texture yet flavor wise, bold and rich but with the right amount that it didn't overpower my palate.
Matcha Molten Cheesecake - IDR 190k (whole)
The Matcha version was a bit more fragrant on my palate due to the flavoring but I was so glad that the Matcha flavor didn't manage to overpower what should be the main point of cheesecake: the cheese flavor, somehow I found this lighter than the original.
Their cheesecake was extremely soft and delicate that even though the pictures turned out pretty okay but it was a struggle slicing the cheesecake, so what I would recommend you guys is to actually pour your knife with a searing hot water then wipe it off dry then the heat from the knife will make the slicing so easy without ruining the side texture, technically anything 'molten' is suggested to consume fresh from the oven or when it's warm, but to be completely frank I love having their cheesecake when it's chilled, something cold and creamy about it just like having cheese ice cream, but again it's back to one's preference.
To be the pioneer or to be the best, sincerely wishing for the best of luck to KIBO!

KIBO Cheese
Dotonburi PIK Avenue
PIK Avenue Mall 2nd fl
Pantai Indah Kapuk - Kamal Muara
Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara
Dresscode: none


Map for PIK Avenue

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