This will be a short review of the coffee shop that I visited with my mom and dad earlier today because today is the day off for all of us so we thought we're going to have a quick lunch and coffee date before heading to Pacific Place for a little shopping (bitch I earned it). We had lunch at Eaton which is such a memorable restaurant for my family and I because I basically grew up with them! Mom was craving for their uber good Talas cake (which is still pretty much perfect) and fried kwayteau, lunch was pretty enjoyable but I remember the food was better last year, but the cake is still a muthafuckin bomb. Hands down.

Initially didn't plan to visit Sudoet Tjerita and we almost went straight to Pacific Place, just in time on our way my friend Natasha Lucas uploaded a picture of a new coffee shop, which this is so we headed there for a quick coffee break. Sudoet Tjerita is a coffee house that's located across and in between Neo Soho and Central Park around the hook area and at the moment easily noticable from the flower bouquet placed in front of the store. Normally I am not the biggest fan of ruko's type of cafe as they kinda have stereotype design to it, dim lighting and stiff (maybe it's just how they wanted to design it but that's my opinion), but theirs was actually something that I am truly fond of! It's really giving this homey vibe that I love, it's just so comfortable, not overly spacious along with the enjoyable music and lingering coffee scent all over the shop.

It was pretty packed on the time of my visit but luckily I still managed to get seats for us and by the window. I didn't take any picture of the interior but for sure I saw a communal table under the "tree", side couple seating area designed sort of like a house, but for a different review and more pictures of their interior, you can check out my friend, Jessica Gaby's blog post :)
I noticed that their special menu here is Kopi Rempah (IDR 38k) and only available in 'hot' serving. To be completely frank, I really like this one even though the ginger and cinnamon were pretty dominant here, but somehow they blend very well and didn't manage to overpower my palate. It was really fragrant as well and yes I do think it's best enjoyed hot to really experience the flavor, layers and fresh aftertaste.

I also ordered the regular Iced Cappuccino (IDR 38k) and again I am pretty fond of this one, it's fruity and slightly acidic (blend of Gayo and Wamena) with soft and smooth taste! If you want something stronger defo go for their piccolo!
Ok I might only two coffees and none to pair but their coffee was actually good enough to make me wanna comeback, the kind of coffee that when I taste it, I feel a certain amount of effort, and can't deny the sweet ambiance of this coffee shop also build the experience! Good job Sudoet Tjerita <3

Sudoet Tjerita
Ruko GSA Blok B No. 8 BA
Around Neo Soho and Central Park
Jl. Letjen S. Parman
Jakarta Barat 11470
Opening hours: 8 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: none

Map for Neo Soho

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