Last week me and my sister went to the newly opened Sushi Go! to have a quick lunch and I've been hearing quite a hype about this and good review from fellow foodies so why not give a chance. Sushi Go is probably the first brand to bring the one price sushi concept to town and they're choosing Dotonburi PIK Avenue as their first port of creativity (and business).

I came with the expectation that I would experience the moving conveyor belt sushi but at the moment they only operated the conveyor belt at dinner time so if you REALLY want to experience such thing then you should come at the evening, but I guess it's okay because afterall the food needs to be the main point and reason you guys come here. The interior sparked fun and simple yet homey with Japanese vibe and major yellow color as part of the branding and deco, the restaurant is probably the largest in Dotonburi PIK at the moment with capacity for around 50 people, there are separated tables but I don't know I normally like to sit around the sushi bar if certain restaurants occupy conveyor belt service.
As what I've mentioned earlier, the restaurant applies the 'one price' concept so everything that you'll be having here (or I had here) is going to be IDR 15k (before tax), it's seriously very affordable. It's like having Japan's very own Kura Zushi with taste that fits local's palate.

Sushi Go! offers around 40 kinds of Appetizer, Sushi, Salad, Sashimi, Gunkan, Maki, Rolls, Desserts with FREE Ocha (Japanese green tea) and condiments on the table. If you come at lunch time the orders are made through the staff but if you come at dinner time you can just take whatever you want from the conveyor belt.
I thought the portion was going to be small and sad but apparently they were not, it was more than I initially thought for IDR 15k, at certain plates they were actually pretty generous but yes certain plates do some in single serving like their Aburi Beef Sushi, and I do hope you're getting the same experience from what I got here. Everything that I ordered was either good or very good (but don't expect that you'll be having the best sushi in your life or ones that are close to what I had at Sen Shu), nothing was disappointing even the desserts! I thought it was going to be a dry cheap chocolate cake but it was actually rich, moist and enjoyable. Order everything that you're seeing here on my blog and I promise you won't be disappointed, but I will use the word 'FAVORITE' for the ones that I found really-really good.
Salmon Skin - FAVORITE
Garlic Cheese French Fries - cheesy but lacking the garlic flavor
Beef Hamburg Sushi - FAVORITE, was a bit skeptical due to the simple presentation but the haburg was moist, fragrant and tasty.
Aburi Salmon Sushi - FAVORITE
Tamago Spicy Mentai
Shime Saba Sushi with Teriyaki Sauce
Tuna Sushi - FAVORITE
Minced Tuna Sushi
Minced Tuna with Soft Boiled Egg Gunkan - FAVORITE, the soft boiled egg is giving that little hint of creamy texture! It was unique yet delicious.
Ebi Tempura Roll
Green Tea Cake, not the biggest fan because they're using the kind of green tea that I don't like.
Choco Mousse Cake - FAVORITE // rich, creamy, moist, pure love.
Because I have such huge appetite I think no matter how cheap the one price sushi here is, I think I am going to end up spend a lot because everything was good and most of them were total HITS so you just can't miss. Definitely see more visits in the future with more friends and you guys should too! It's a refreshing concept along with the well controlled quality. Good job Sushi Go!

Sushi Go!
Dotonburi PIK Avenue
PIK Avenue Mall 2nd fl unit 2F - JT T1A-1B
Pantai Indah Kapuk - Kamal Muara
Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: none


Map for PIK Avenue

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