For the last few years, ice cream - whether in form of traditional gelato to soft-serve -- has contributed so much to Jakarta’s F&B scene, and the number of ice cream shops opening in town is just getting crazier, and the creations are even more! Ice cream might be dominating the f&b scene at the moment, but the thing is, they have been an important part of my life, especially my childhood, and no matter what, the good old gelato has always been my favorite.

Welcoming the newest establishment to the PIK neighborhood and I promise you’ll love this one: LATTERIA GELATO! I came to their soft opening a few days ago and I want to share my experience with you here, just keep on reading but don’t forget to prepare your napkin as the gelato is SO SICK looking you’ll crave!
If you’ve been following me forever, I think you should know how OBSESSED I am with ice creams, I don’t go for the bullshit so-so ice creams, I like those fatty full-cream ones like Haagen Dazs, GROM or Cold Stone, or else I will feel like my calories are so wasted. Latteria is located precisely beside The Cup Korean restaurant, and it’s easily noticeable from the huge “Latteria” and the cow logo placed on the building. To my surprise, they really gave extra attention to the interior design, it might be the fanciest ice cream shop in town as they have actual seatings for people on the two-stories building, rumor has it that by time, there will be food on the menu.
 After making your entrance, you’ll be greeted with huge mural illustration of words and cones

The design was somehow simple yet industrial with earthy materials majorly used for the interior. I toured the whole shop, the huge ice cream display is located at the first level the second level was not entirely ready as there’s still some last finishing details, but I had a good feeling it’s gonna turn out awesome.

There are 20 ice cream flavors available on the display right now, and to keep you excited with their ideas, 5 of the flavors will be rolled out at certain times!
 Major icecream porn coming!

 Deez Nutz - Hazelnut Chocolate Gelato, Chocolate Crunch and Homemade Nutella

I didn't try every single flavor, but I managed to try 6 flavors out of the amazing looking 20 and they were:
Clockwise: Ba Da Bing, Perfect Match, Dragon Fruit, Coconut Lychee
 Clockwise: Dama Bianca, Opposite Attract (Vanilla and Brownie), Galayo (Yogurt Gelato with Strawberry Compote), Lemon Sorbet
 Clockwise: Melon Sorbet, Not So Complicated, Oreogasm, Pistachio
 Clockwise: Coffee Break (Caramel, Coffee and Cashew), Rocky Road, Number 2, That Asian Guy

My favorite is probably the Jack and Rose for that beautiful balance and mix of rose flavor and pistachio, Malaga for that rich rum flavor, Deez Nutz was also pretty good for I am an avid fan of Nutella and Hazelnut (how can you go wrong with those?), and if you prefer something coffee-ish, root for their Coffee Break, the flavor was pretty rich and well-balanced. If you're more into sorbet, go for the lemon sorbet, it was refreshing, I expected the melon one to have more icy texture instead of creamy.
Pricing? IDR 38k for two scoops and IDR 50k for three is clearly NOT BAD for a premium artisan gelato. Clearly much cheaper that Haagen Dazs or Cold Stone, and yes I think they’re worth comparing.

Latteria Gelato and Dessert Bar
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 39
Bukit Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14460
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes!


Map for The Cup (Latteria's located just beside)

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