Lately the number of Martabak cafes in Jakarta is growing quite rapidly and it has been easier to grab martabak, but the thing is, I notice most of them are pretty commons, some might sell the simple and good old martabak with the mainstream toppings,only a few of them actually have unique selling point, which should be something that they consider, but truth is, to be fair no matter how mainstream it is, most of the times I always manage to finish the last piece of martabak, and feeling guilty after, but I have a good news for you, and that's exactly the thing about this newly opened martabak shop is about: Martabak Warisan in T.B. Simatupang!

Martabak Warisan is located precisely at Saung Kuliner food court on the busy T.B. Simatupang road. So why "Martabak Warisan"? According to the owner, Rangga, martabak recipe is something that everyone can execute and easily inherit to the generations after, but the main reason why he created Martabak Warisan is because he wants everyone to be able to enjoy martabak, even those who suffers from let's say cholesterol and diabetes. I personally agree on that, martabak is such a guilty pleasure everyone should have the right to enjoy!

So how do they do that? Rangga's wife, who happens to be a nutritionist came with the good idea where customers are left free to customize their martabak base and toppings! For those who are currently on a diet program but can't resist the martabak temptation, rest assure as they have two options: Dietary and Extreme Diatery menus made with low fat milk, less eggs, wheat and less toppings.

The menu overview

Aside from the healthier options, most of the menu creations here are pretty common with trending flavors, expect to find variants like Red Velvet Oreo Cream Cheese, Pandan Jagung, to the classic Martabak Asin Telur (omg fav!). It was a big martabak feast and here are the ones that I had that day! How about calling it A BIG LUNCH? :p

 I notice they're using Wisman butter here which obviously needs a highlight! Go Wisman go!

Mini Martabak - Pandan KitKat Cheese and Nutella
I would skip on the Nutella because you know Nutella never disappoints anybody (and they gave GENEROUS spread), the mini martabak pandan also had generous grated cheese and KitKat topping (I saw they use two sachets of KitKat).

Martabak Red Velvet Oreo Cream Cheese (medium) - IDR 70k
This was easily me and my sister's favorite! My loyal readers should know that I am not big on cheese, but this was pretty good and I managed to finish two slices! The cream cheese did not have that ultra cheesy flavor which was a good thing for me, and instead giving that extra salty flavor to the martabak, I found the texture to be pretty good too, thick, moist and somehow fluffy! The gorgeous deep red color and the generous topping were always something that everyone's expecting in a martabak. This was a good example!

Martabak Pandan Jagung Keju (Pandan Corn Cheez) with Wheat Base in medium  - IDR 70k
Now this is the different one, tried the dietary martabak made using skim milk and wheat! From the appearance itself, you can see that this was slightly different than the red velvet I had before. The texture was softer, more spongy, almost "bolu" like and less crispy. The topping was generous (as you can see), mostly dominated with the grated cheese, altogether with fun flavors: you got the salty flavor from the cheese, the sweetness of the martabak pandan base, corn and condensed milk.
Look at that spongy and pillowy texture
Martabak Goreng Sapi Telur Bebek - IDR 45k
I am such a sucker for savory martabak, and in no way I am skipping this. The martabak was very thick with generous fresh minced duck meat filling. The meat was cooked to perfection but I guess more kick to the base seasoning like salt and pepper would do this better!
 If you're too lazy to make a move, then just dial Gojek and have it delivered to you. There were like 4 gojek drivers on my visit and that was just like the first day!
I honestly found the martabak good enough, just a little miss here and there, but so far very acceptable. I only expected the pandan batter to be more fragrant, and some basic seasoning like salt on the fried martabak!

Martabak Warisan
Jalan T.B. Simatupang
Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
0812 8595 7305
Opening hours:
Mon-Thu: 12:30 PM-9 PM
Fri-Sun: 2 PM-9 PM
Sat: 2 PM-11 PM
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 100k


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